10 Best & Worst Sleeping Positions for Couples


Last Updated: May 2017


How many sleepless nights does it take for you to try and find a solution to your sleeping problems? If you are suffering from a lack of sleep due to the sleeping positions you are using with your partner then maybe it’s time to switch things up a little.

We all imagine sleeping with our loved ones to be romantic, affectionate and very cozy. But that’s not always the case. In reality, sleeping with your partner can often be stressful, sweaty and extremely awkward which either ends in a mutual decision to sleep on separate sides of the bed with little to zero contact or a compromise where one of you is extremely comfortable and the other is left enviously watching their partner drift off in to a land of tranquility and utter relaxation.

Well, if you are that partner…then this ends here!

Introducing the 10 best and worst couples sleeping positions:

This fantastic illustration depicts the exact frustrations that many couples experience today. It was designed and developed by writer Molly Fitzpatrick and graphic designer Allison Pottasch. The illustrations are themed around airline safety instruction inserts and show couples the ‘how tos’ and ‘how-not-tos’ of sleeping together.

First up, we have: ‘The Nook’ Vs ‘The Headlock’

best sleeping position 1

Now, interestingly this depicts two guys, but what they hey…we’re not against same sex relationships at all! The key here is a relaxed left arm lay on top of your partners shoulder. Let’s just hope the blonde hair guy doesn’t have any nightmares, otherwise things might get a little tense!

Next up, we have ‘The Cold Fusion’ vs ‘The BOA Constrictor’

couples sleeping position 2

One which I think everyone who has lived in a cold country with their partner can completely relate to. The biggest issue with ‘The Cold Fusion’ is often you find your legs entangled or you wake up having one completely dead arm which you have to drag from underneath your partner like a piece of meat. Obviously, these are the nothing compared to ‘The BOA Constrictor’ which doesn’t even depict the worse, I think as a man, I’d be more concerned about where my partners knee will end up.

Next up we have ‘The Triangle Offense’ Vs ‘The Furry Barnacle’

best sleeping positions for couples

Now, considering I don’t own any pets any more and haven’t since I was single I can appreciate how much more complex things can get when there are three in a bed. However, I’ve experience all of this even with just me and my cat, so yeah…you don’t need a partner to experience the dreaded ‘Furry Barnacle’. 

This does however seem like a big compromise to bring your pet to bed, I definitely cannot feel the love between this couple, so I say scrap the cat, send it to it’s own bed and enjoy ‘The Cold Fusion’ whether it’s Summer or Winter!

Last up we have ‘The Barely There’ Vs ‘The Fugitive’

sleeping tips for couples

Last we have an interesting final tactic which I think everyone, on the brink of destruction has accepted…the good ol’d ‘Barely There’ hand contact. It keeps the love burning, ever so slightly. On the other hand, I am not entirely sure what’s going on in ‘The Fugitive’ I think that’s a last ditch attempt before the guy simply knees his partner off their bed.

Well, that’s all for today. Please let us know what you thought about our best & worst sleeping positions for couples, leave a comment below and be sure to like & share with your partner, family and friends!

Also, we’d love to hear any of your own bad experiences or helpful tips for trying to sleep with a partner.

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