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Do you sleep hot? Are you constantly tossing the covers off your bed and flipping your pillow over in a bid to find a cooler, more comfortable sleep surface? If you answered “yes” then you’re missing out on the deep, restful sleep you need in order to wake refreshed and ready to tackle a busy day. The truth is, you may need to start looking for a new mattress and if that thought has already crossed your mind and you’ve done a little research into the the advantages of memory foam, you should also be looking at which brands and designs are tops when it comes to delivering that cooler, more comfortable sleep you crave.

That’s where Memory Foam Doctor can help by guiding you to a couple of top quality brands. Each of these manufacturers uses a different type of technology to deliver a cooler, more comfortable mattress surface that will guarantee your days of tossing and turning are a thing of the past.

Both Casper and Endy memory foam mattresses are available for purchase on-line, offer quick delivery and super easy set-up that will have you sleeping soundly within mere days of placing your order. For this particular comparison, we’ll be looking at the one mattress model offered by Endy and Casper’s pricier Wave model because of its extra layer of cooling latex foam. With both brands offering 100-night trial periods, you get the chance to try out your new mattress with the knowledge that if it doesn’t meet your sleep needs, you can return or exchange at no cost to you. Shall we begin?



US-based Casper joined the on-line memory foam mattress industry back in 2014 with a self-described goal of producing a bed that provides consumers of all shapes, sizes and sleep styles with the “highest level of comfort and support”. The design team at Casper used the insights gained from consumer surveys to develop their “ideal formula” for producing what they consider to be the perfect mattress and with sales topping $100 million within the first two years, they may just be right.

Why is the Casper Wave a Great Mattress for Those Who Want a Cooler Sleep?

While Casper’s mattress designs feature open-cell memory foam construction for enhanced breathability and continual expulsion of warm air, their Wave model also includes a layer of plush latex foam which is renowned for its soft, cooling properties. When you add to that their porous, breathable polyester cover that continually moves warm air away from your body, the result is a mattress that without question, sleeps much cooler than standard memory foam. And because size matters big-time when you’re talking about personal sleep space, Casper comes in sizes that range up to a California King to give you and your partner a little more breathing space.



Casper outfits their memory foam mattresses with a lightweight cover made from 100% polyester for an ultra porous surface that delivers superior breathability, improved air movement and a much cooler sleep. The cover is fully zippered for easy removal and cleaning.

Top Layer

Casper’s Wave offers a 1.5-inch layer of synthetic Dunlop latex foam. Known for being super-soft and delivering enhanced air movement because of its highly breathable, open-cell construction, it promises that you will never experience another restless night because you are just too warm to sleep soundly.

Second Layer

Casper uses a high-density memory foam in their mattress design to effectively distribute your body weight across the entire sleep surface for continual relief at key pressure points. With the Wave mattress, this open-cell foam works in tandem with the upper latex layer to deliver not only superior support and a softer surface, but again that all-important air flow.

Third Layer

Casper’s patented Hyper-Targeted zoned support is a key feature in the Wave model and includes a high resiliency foam with polymer network to deliver enhanced ergonomics that target your lower lumbar region allowing your spine to remain in a neutral position regardless of how often you move in the night.

Bottom Layer

Casper uses a high-density poly foam base that not only provides uniform support to the upper comfort and transitional layers of foam, but absorbs shock and mattress movement for enhanced durability. With the Wave, this base layer includes contouring for enhanced, targeted support.

Additional Benefits

Allergen Free

Casper mattresses are manufactured in the United States and are comprised of materials that are free of harmful, ozone-depleting chemicals and emissions. This helps to ensure minimal to zero off-gassing when you first set up your mattress which makes it a great option for those with allergies and sensitivities to odors.

Zoned Support

Patented technology includes the Hyper-Targeted and Zone support features that direct firmness levels to those areas that need it most. Firm support is positioned around the heavier hips and torso region with softer, lighter firmness around the chest and shoulders.

Trial Period / Warranty

Casper offers purchasers a 100-night trial period with a 100% money back guarantee. If during this period you’re thinking you’d prefer a softer or firmer mattress, Casper will pick it up at no cost to you. They also provide a 10-year limited warranty that covers mattress deterioration.



Endy is a Canadian-based manufacturer that not only constructs every component of their mattress in Canada, but sources their high-grade materials from industry leading Canadian foam and textile producers. Inspired by the belief that “A great sleep surface is essential to our well-being”, Endy has adapted the same approach used by many memory foam mattress brands by foregoing the pricey bricks and mortar storefronts for savings that can be passed along to the consumer. Keeping it simple, they produce just one design – a 10-inch thick, 3-layer mattress that they feel perfectly addresses the comfort, firmness and temperature needs of every sleep-style.

Why is Endy a Great Mattress for Those Who Want a Cooler Sleep?

While Casper relies on latex to deliver a cooler sleep surface, Endy uses gel-infused memory foam with millions of miniscule gel beads that create tiny channels for enhanced air movement that literally wicks heat away from your body. And while memory foam can be known to become more pliable in warm weather and potentially too firm in colder weather, Endy’s foam is “temperature insensitive” meaning you can expect a consistent level of firmness and temperature regardless of your room temperature. And if heat generated from your partner, pets or kids is contributing to a too-warm sleep experience, it may be time to up-size your mattress to gain a little more personal sleep space, Endy mattress sizes range up to a whopping California King to help ensure everyone enjoys a restful night.



Endy’s mattress cover is a 95% polyester / 5% spandex stretch-knit blend that is hypoallergenic and micro-quilted for a little added softness. Because it’s breathable, this lightweight cover works in conjunction with the open-cell memory foam mattress materials to maximize air flow for a more comfortable sleep surface. As an added plus, it also includes a handy side zip that allows for easy removal and machine washing.

Top Layer

The Endy mattress features a top comfort layer of open-cell, gel-infused memory foam that effectively and continually dissipates your body’s heat throughout the night for a cooler, more comfortable sleep. And at 3 PCF (pounds per cubic foot) density, it delivers just enough “sinkage” that you will always feel comfy-cozy but still be able to roll over and get out of bed without having to fight against a too soft mattress.

Second Layer

Endy’s middle layer effectively transitions between the extra firm core support base and the softer, upper comfort layer. By using a transition layer, Endy helps to ensure that the firm support you want and expect from their memory foam mattress is tempered slightly as it works together with the upper cushioning layer to provide you with contouring comfort regardless of your sleep position.

Base Layer

The all-important base layer of the Endy mattress is made from 1.8 PCF high density poly foam for an ultra-firm core support that not only helps to enhance mattress durability by absorbing shock and buffering mattress movement, but also provides an always consistent support to the upper comfort and transition layers.

Additional Benefits

No Motion Transfer

Endy’s open air cell construction acts as a surface wide shock absorber to not only isolate motion but eliminate loss of sleep from partners that flip and flop in the night.

Consistent Performance

Unlike traditional memory foam that can become more rigid in cooler temperatures, Endy foam is “insensitive”, meaning it retains a consistent feel and firmness regardless of the season or room temperature.

Trial Period / Warranty

Endy offers a 100-night trial period and the 10-year warranty (with 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase within the prescribed timeline). Free shipping, free pick-up and 0% financing make them an attractive option for those on a tight budget.


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