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For those of us who love to throw open the windows and discard the covers as we climb into bed each night, we’re what’s known as “cool” sleepers. People like us toss and turn, flipping our pillows and adjusting our blankets as we continually seek out a cooler sleep surface. As a result, we often fail to achieve the deep sleep needed to wake feeling fully rested and ready to take on the day. So, it should come as no surprise that the solution to this dilemma may be down to getting rid of our old mattress and springing for something a little more on-point when it comes to  dissipating body heat and delivering a cooler, more comfortable night’s rest. And with memory foam, there is no shortage of brands that are claiming to deliver big-time in this regard.

If you’ve already decided that a new bed may be in your future and you’ve done your homework on the advantages of memory foam you will have also noticed that there are numerous brands that all claim to be the very best when it comes to delivering a cooler, more restful sleep… and that’s where Memory Foam Doctor can help.

We’ve reviewed many of the top mattress brands in North America, sorted them by comfort level, support, fabrication and even their suitability to various sleep styles to provide you with a comprehensive comparison of the benefits each brings to the table.

With the comparison below, we’re looking at two of the top memory foam brands that claim to be the perfect solution for those who need a cooler sleep surface in order to nod off. With Casper, it’s their Wave model and for TEMPUR-Pedic, that would be their Breeze design. Ready to learn more? Let’s begin.



Casper is based in the United States, where its memory foam mattresses have been manufactured since 2014. The goal they set out to achieve when they first started out was to produce a bed that provides consumers of all shapes, sizes and sleep styles with the “highest level of comfort and support” and their design team used consumer insights to ultimately develop what they consider to be the “ideal formula” for producing the perfect mattress. And with combined sales of more than $100 million over the past few years, they’re clearly doing something right.

Why is the Casper Wave a Great Mattress for Those Who Want a Cooler Sleep?

Casper’s Wave model includes not only the open-cell memory foam construction featured in the brand’s signature mattress, but also a layer of plush latex foam which is renowned for its soft, cooling properties. When you add to that their porous, breathable polyester cover that continually moves warm air away from your body, the result is a mattress that definitely sleeps much cooler than standard memory foam. And if you find your sleep space heats up a little too much with the introduction of a partner, kids and/or pets, it may be time to upgrade to a larger format. Happily, Casper mattresses come in sizes ranging up to a California King, so you can always find your ideal personal sleep space.



The cover used for all of Casper’s mattress designs is a lightweight 100% polyester with an ultra porous surface that delivers superior breathability, improved air movement. Combined, this means a much cooler sleep and its fully zippered side allows for easy removal and cleaning.

Top Layer

Casper’s Wave brings cooling comfort through the introduction of a 1.5-inch layer of synthetic Dunlop latex foam. Known for being super-soft and delivering enhanced air movement because of open-cell construction, you’re certain to enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep with this plush topper.

Second Layer

With the Wave mattress, the upper latex layer works with Casper’s high-density open-cell memory foam to effectively distribute body weight across the entire sleep surface. While this combo produces continual relief at key pressure points with softer, superior support but maintains that all-important air flow for a continually cooler sleep.

Third Layer

Using their proprietary Hyper-Targeted zoned support, Casper’s Wave features a high resiliency foam with polymer network to deliver enhanced ergonomics that target your lower lumbar region allowing your spine to remain in a neutral position regardless of how often you move in the night.

Bottom Layer

A high-density poly foam base not only provides uniform support to the upper layers of the Wave mattress but also absorbs shock and mattress movement for a longer-life mattress.

Additional Benefits

Zoned Support

Hyper-Targeted and Zone support is a proprietary design of Casper mattresses and essentially directs the firmness levels to those areas that need it most – such as around the hip and torso region where a little more support is needed.

Allergen Free

Manufactured in the United States, all Casper mattresses are constructed using materials that are free of harmful, ozone-depleting chemicals and emissions. These steps minimize off-gassing during the initial set-up and make this mattress a great choice for allergy sufferers.

Trial Period / Warranty

Casper offers purchasers a 100-night trial period with a 100% money back guarantee. If during this period you’re thinking you’d prefer a softer or firmer mattress, Casper will pick it up at no cost to you. They also provide a 10-year limited warranty that covers mattress deterioration.

TEMPUR- Breeze


With TEMPUR-Pedic you have a memory foam industry veteran that brings more than 25 years of manufacturing experience to the table. Continually looking for innovative ways to improve and refine their sleep product, they have developed proprietary materials and advanced construction methods to achieve their mission that is to deliver a more restful night regardless of the individual’s sleep style. For comparison purposes, with Casper’s Wave model, we’re going to look at the Breeze model from TEMPUR’s Flex collection.

Why is TEMPUR’s  Breeze a Great Mattress for those Who Want a Cooler Sleep?

Designed to deliver advanced, all-round comfort that instantly shapes to the curves of your body, the Breeze also delivers three levels of support that range from ultra-soft to medium-firm to make it a great option for multiple sleep styles – from stomach sleepers, to side or back sleepers and even the heavy-set sleeper that needs a little more firmness. But it’s the Breeze’s innovative 3-part cooling system that includes TEMPUR-Climate material to dissipate body heat during the night and a moisture-wicking fabric cover that separates this brand from the pack when it comes to delivering a cooler, more comfortable sleep experience.



The Breeze mattress cover features TEMPUR’s innovative high-loft advanced fabric with phase change material for a cooler-to-the-touch mattress that delivers a much more comfortable sleep each and every night. This fabric even wicks moisture away from your body so regardless of how hot a night, your bedding will remain dry and you will enjoy a comfortable, restful night.

Top Layer

TEMPUR-Pedic uses proprietary formulations and manufacturing methods to deliver the support and curve-hugging comfort their mattresses are known for. With the Breeze, that includes the brand’s patented top layer of TEMPUR-ES material made from open-cell viscoelastic that delivers not only soft, supportive comfort but enhanced breathability. So, it not only hugs your curves and delivers a cooler surface but helps to absorb movement so you’ll sleep soundly no matter how often your partner tosses and turns.

Second Layer

In addition to their open-cell technology that promotes continual air movement throughout your mattress, the Breeze collection of mattresses also uses TEMPUR-Response material to eliminate that sinking feeling you can often experience with traditional memory foam mattresses. This material not only rapidly adapts to your key pressure points for continual support, but it allows you to move around on your mattress, engage in intimate activities and get out of bed a little more easily than with some of the other mattress brands.

Third Layer

The real difference with this collection is the Breeze’s third, or core layer which is a hybrid of both TEMPUR material and individually-wrapped coils that deliver the extra support and continual spinal alignment you want and expect from memory foam mattress. It also delivers that little extra bounce enjoyed by fans of coil-spring construction.

Base Layer

Delivering uniform, long-wearing support to the comfort and transition layers of this mattress is a dense, poly foam base layer that supports both the upper and sides of your mattress. Because this high-density support foam is also very breathable, it helps to disperse excess heat for a cooler sleep experience.

Additional Benefits

Motion Isolation

For those who sleep lightly, you’ll find a great feature of the Breeze mattress is the brand’s proprietary TEMPUR-Response material. You’ll quickly discover the restful benefits that come from reduced motion transfer with this innovative material that reduces the sensation of movement.

Pressure Point Support

TEMPUR material uses millions of open cells to instantly hug your curves, deliver continual support and relief at key pressure points. Unlike many memory foam mattresses that simply compress under your body weight, the TEMPUR-Breeze collection has been designed to be ultra-responsive, rapidly adapting itself each time you move in the night for non-stop support.

Trial Period / Warranty

While Casper offers a 100-night money-back / replacement guarantee, TEMPUR-Pedic provides a 90-night trial period and 10-year warranty (with full replacement limited warranty). If you’re unhappy with your mattress at any time during the trial period, you can return for a full refund however unlike Casper, you are responsible for all shipping costs.



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