Types of foam

Last Updated: August 2017

If you are interested in purchasing a new memory foam mattress, you are in for a treat. Memory foam products cradle your body, contorting to your unique shape to offer you the most comfortable sleep you can imagine. But did you know that not all memory foam products are created equally? There are a wide variety of memory foam types available to choose from. Be sure to do your research about each type of foam in order to select the one that suits your needs best before you make a memory foam purchase.

Traditional Memory Foam

The traditional memory foam that you are probably most familiar with became a sensation during the mid-90s when it was featured on what seemed like an endless running loop of infomercials. Since then, the standard memory foam has grown and developed, resulting in many different sizes, thickness levels and other variations that suit a wide variety of consumer demands. It vastly differs from the spring mattress due to its polyurethane composition, which allows it to shape itself around your body. The results of this amazing technology include less joint stress, better circulation and improved sleep.

Memory foam is also popular due to its motion transfer control. People who share a bed can finally get a good night’s sleep, since movement between bed sharers goes undetected on memory foam. One of the hidden benefits of the memory foam mattress is that it is naturally anti-microbial. Allergy sufferers may already be familiar with this concept: if you purchase a memory foam mattress, you simply don’t have to deal with the level of dust mites you get with a spring mattress. This helps control your allergies, further improving sleep. Memory foam also outlasts traditional mattresses due to its unique composition.

Air Cool Memory Foam

Although standard memory foam suits many consumers well as it is, the most common complaint with it is that it can get hot. To remedy this effect, manufacturers have developed Air Cool Memory Foam. This type of foam is scientifically designed to respond to the heat that your body produces, quickly channeling your heat away from your body to keep you cool throughout the night. Many of these models utilize open cell technology, which helps the air circulate around your form faster to create an even cooler environment. Open cells also help distribute heat evenly so you don’t experience hot spots.

Gel Memory Foam

Are you familiar with the gel that supports you in athletic shoes? That same soft and durable level of comfort can be provided for your entire body through in your mattress. Gel Memory Foam has all of the same benefits of traditional memory foam, but is designed for a dual purpose. The first is to help people with chronic back pain or pressure point paint sleep better, as it helps you maintain a better sleeping posture. It is also more durable than typical memory foam, resulting in a much firmer surface. Some Gel Memory Foam products also have a cooling effect, keeping your bed’s temperature low each night.

Plant-Based Foams

One of the latest developments in memory foam is the Plant-Based Foam, another invention made to combat overheating. This type of foam partially replaces the petroleum found in the aqueous gel in Gel Memory Foam with plant-based oils to create an even stronger cooling effect. They are known to be temperature neutral mattresses and do not add to your body heat at night. Due to the natural plant oils in the compound, the foam is not sensitive to body temperature and does not trap in heat like most high density mattresses typically do. Most consumers who use this foam do not mention overheating at all.

When pressure point relief is what you are after, the Gel Memory Foam mattress may be your best bet. For a cool night’s sleep, the Air Cool and Plant-Based Foams may be best. Plant-Based Foams are also your best bet for a low-VOC mattress with little to no off gassing odor. The Standard Memory Foam mattress is a great choice when you just want a supportive, firm mattress that helps prevent motion transfer while you are asleep.

You may run across other types of memory foam as you complete your research for a new foam mattress. That is the exciting thing about this product: with new technological developments and trials occurring every year, there are new types of memory foam being tested and released all of the time. If you keep your budget and personal needs from a mattress in mind as you peruse the types that are currently on the market, you will be able to find a comfortable mattress that makes your sleep environment a soothing, restorative oasis that you look forward to sleeping in night after night.

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