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Last Updated: May 2017

Helix is one of the newest names in the mattress industry; however, making beds is nothing new for the company’s team. The people behind Helix have been making beds for more than 30 years, and are committed to creating the highest quality sleep products on the market.

As a testament to their commitment to quality, the Helix line of mattresses is designed on science. The company uses a combination of the research, cutting edge technology and 3D modeling that mimics the human body to craft the most innovative, thoughtfully designed products.

To further ensure users will receive the ultimate in comfort and support, Helix offers something that no other manufacturer does: The ability to customize your mattress. Upon placing your order, you will fill out a questionnaire, which will provide the company with insight into your needs. They will then use that information to craft the ideal mattress, ensuring that it aligns with your spine and offers the comfort and support that you need. Each and every Helix mattress is custom made and assembled by hand in their Illinois-based facility. The company only uses the highest quality materials, including the unique Helix Dynamic foam, poly foam, pocketed micro coils, and latex, all of which are manufactured right in the United States.

  • 2 inches of high-grade Dunlop latex
  • 5 inches of pocketed spring coil units (micro coils)
  • A 2 inch and a 4-inch layer of Helix Dynamic and poly foam
  • Highly breathable mattress cover
  • 100 Night Trial Period and a full money back guarantee within that period
  • 10-year warranty
  • Completely customized to the needs of the user
  • The price is a bit high compared to the competitors; however, given that it is a customized mattress, the higher price is understandable.

Our Score

Below is our final score of the Helix mattress based on multiple criteria that we use when testing all of our mattresses.

Pain Relief9
Edge Support8.5
Off Gassing9.25
Back Sleeping8.75
Side Sleeping8.75
Stomach Sleeping8.75
Warranty & Support10

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What’s It Made From…

The Helix mattress is a 10-inch mattress that offers a total of four layers of cutting-edge micro coils, latex and poly foam. Every mattress that Helix makes is customized to the user’s needs, which means that the placement, density, and firmness of the layers will vary based on individual needs.

helix mattress personalisation

Because the construction of the mattress varies based on the input the user provides in the initial questionnaire, the layers of the mattress will vary; however, here is an overview of what each layer will consist of:

  • 2 inches of high-grade Dunlop latex
  • 5 inches of pocketed spring coil units (micro coils)
  • A 2 inch and a 4-inch layer of Helix Dynamic and poly foam

As we indicated, users will fill out a questionnaire before the order for a mattress is placed. Helix basis the information provided by the user on four pillars:

  1. Point Elasticity – This refers to the impact on the surrounding points of the mattress when a single point is compressed. Point elasticity helps to determine how the mattress will contour and respond to the body.
  2. Support – This refers to the support that the body needs in order for the spine to be properly aligned. Height, weight and the position that is most often slept in are all used to determine the amount of support that will be needed for proper spinal alignment.
  3. Feel – In other words, the firmness of the mattress; how hard or soft it feels.
  4. Temperature Regulation – This dictates how cool the user would like the mattress to remain while sleeping.

Mattress Cover

The Helix mattress also has a cover which is constructed of 100 percent polyester. The top portion of the cover is white and has a soft feel, while the blue side panels have a firmer, sturdier feel, which helps protect the mattress. The cover has a checkerboard design, which offers a modern look. It should be noted that the cover is also very thin and does not offer any padding, allowing air to flow through it and maintaining a cool temperature.

Hands on Review

helix mattress review

We want to make sure that those who are considering purchasing the Helix mattress have as much information as possible regarding the construction and the quality of sleep that this mattress will provide. In order to do that, we examined the following criteria in this portion of our buyer’s guide:


It is difficult to pinpoint the firmness that the Helix mattress will offer. That is because it is completely customized to the needs of the users. According to the information provided by the user, Helix will determine the firmness level that will offer the proper spinal alignment, which means that one person’s mattress could be very firm, while another person’s mattress could be softer.


Again, the Helix mattress is customized to accommodate the individual needs of the person who will be sleeping on it. This means that the mattress that you order will be specifically designed to offer you maximum comfort.

Pain Relief and Support

Because the Helix mattress is designed to provide optimal spinal alignment, this mattress is intended to offer a high level of support, and thus, reduces any pain that a user may experience while sleeping. Again, the fact that the mattress is customized to the user’s needs, it is difficult to determine a general level of support that it offers. However, thanks to the combination of pocket spring coils, high-grade poly foam and high-grade latex, it can be assumed that the Helix mattress will provide a high level of support.

Heat Retention

Again, the fact that the Helix mattress is customized to the user’s needs makes it difficult to pinpoint the exact level of heat retention. However, with that said, the manufacturer will base the design of the mattress on the user’s input and design a mattress that will aim to offer optimal breathability. For instance, the position of the pocket spring coils will be adjusted to maximize air flow, while still ensuring proper support and comfort. Additionally, the unique Helix Dynamic (poly) foam offers superior breathability to keep the mattress – and the sleeper – cool. Additionally, the thin construction and though checkerboard design of the mattress cover help to keep air circulating through the mattress, thus releasing any heat that builds up, keeping the mattress cool.

Off Gassing

Off gassing is a common complaint that is associated with products that are constructed of foam, including mattresses. The cause of off gassing is due to the chemicals that are used during the production of the foam. These chemicals release, or ‘off gas’ when the foam product is new, and it can take a few days for the process to complete.

Often, the side effect of off gassing is a noticeable odor, which is often experienced upon opening setting up a foam mattress. Depending on the mattress, that odor can last for a few hours or a few days. With the Helix mattress, we are happy to say that there is very little off gassing. In fact, we hardly noticed any odor coming off of the mattress at all. That’s because the high-grade poly foam and Helix Dynamic foams are both certified by the CertiPUR – US program. This certification guarantees that Helix mattresses are not manufactured with any harmful chemicals, such as lead, mercury, heavy metals, formaldehyde or flame retardants.

On that note, if you do notice any odor coming from the mattress, we suggest you place it in a well-ventilated space to allow the gasses to work their way out of the mattress.


We believe that intimacy is an important factor to discuss when considering a mattress to purchase, as the construction of the mattress can have an impact on relations that occur on it.

With that said, the Helix mattress is constructed of Helix Dynamic foam and polyfoam, which doesn’t offer a high level of bounce back; however, because pocket spring coils are used in the mattress, these mattresses can offer a bit more bounce back than other mattresses that are constructed of foam materials. Do note that any bounce back that the pocketed spring coils provide will be dependent on their placement and their arrangement in the mattress (remember, the Helix mattress is customized to the user’s specific needs).

Sleeping Position Ratings

We also wanted to examine how the Helix mattress stacks up in regard to the support and comfort that it offers for different sleeping positions. Here’s what we found…


Because the Helix mattress is customized to the user’s needs, and it is designed specifically to offer proper spinal alignment, it offers a high level of comfort and support for back sleepers. Back sleepers can expect to feel a relief in pressure when sleeping on the Helix mattress, as compared to sleeping on other mattresses.

Back Sleeping score: 8.75/10


Once again, we will point out that the Helix mattress is custom designed for each user, so the level of comfort and support that it will offer for stomach sleepers will be taken into consideration during construction. The firmness of the mattress will be customized to ensure maximum comfort and support for those who sleep on their stomachs.

Stomach Sleeping score: 8.75/10


The Helix mattress is intended to support proper spinal alignment, which means that it will be designed to offer the proper support and comfort for the spine for side sleepers, too. Again, the input provided by the user in the questionnaire will help the manufacturer determine the right level of firmness to accommodate the needs of the side sleeper.

Side Sleeping score: 8.75/10

Bed Frame Compatibility

The Helix mattress is designed to be used with all types of bed frames, from slatted frames to box springs, and even on the floor. The manufacturers understand that different people use different bed frames (or no bed frame at all,) which is why they specifically designed their mattresses to work with all options.

Warranty, Guarantee and Trial Period

  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Guarantee: 100% money back guarantee
  • Trial Period: The Helix mattress comes with a 100 Night Sleep Trial period. The trial period begins the day the mattress arrives and lasts a full 100 days. If the user is unhappy with the mattress, it can be returned for a full refund within that 100 Night Sleep Trial period.

The Helix mattress ships to anywhere in the United States. The mattress is pre-compressed before shipping, and placed in a vacuum packed cylindrical package. Upon receiving the mattress, the user will need to open the package, unroll it and let it settle for around 45 minutes before using it.


The Helix mattress is customized to the needs of the individual users, and those needs are met based on the most cutting-edge technologies and science. Helix uses the highest quality materials, all of which are made in the US, to construct their mattresses. Moreover, their mattresses are hand-assembled and custom made right in their Illinois-based facility.

While there are many other ‘similar’ mattresses, no other mattress on the market today is as innovative as Helix, thanks to their unique ability to customize the design of their mattresses.

Is This Mattress Right For You?

Trying to determine whether or not a mattress is the best choice for you can be a difficult task, especially in a market where there are so many options to choose from. However, based on the fact that the people behind Helix have more than 30 years of experience behind them, coupled with the science they use to engineer their mattresses, their high-quality materials, and their innovative customization, it is safe to say that this mattress will be a good choice for your needs. Whether you sleep on your side, your back, your stomach, or you sleep alone or with a partner, Helix will make a mattress that will be designed to meet your specific needs.

Rating Box and Summary

For more information on the Helix mattress, click here.

Helix Mattress Review
  • Overall


The manufacturers of the Helix mattress are based in the US; in fact, their facilities are located in Illinois. They may be a new name in the mattress industry; however, their popularity is rapidly growing. The company offers customer support 7 days a week, so users can be sure that they will receive the answers to any questions that they may have.

The Helix mattress is an ideal choice for anyone who is looking to maximize their comfort while they are sleeping, as it is fully customizable and is engineered to ensure the proper alignment of the spine.


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