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Known for delivering innovative design at a consumer-friendly price, Sweden’s IKEA has entered into the highly competitive bed-in-a box industry by adding a line of standard foam, memory foam and latex foam mattresses to their extensive array of sleep options. With 9 different designs that range from the basic and super-affordable Morgedal to the pricier all-natural latex Mausund, they’ve developed a foam mattress to suit every sleep style and budget. And in keeping with the brand’s iconic approach to offering simple, affordable solutions that bring stylish flare to any home, they’ve continued to include those fun, hard-to-pronounce names we all love to hate.

Not only do they continue to offer a generous return policy, their foam-based mattresses also include a 365-night trial period (industry norm is around 120 nights) with full-refund if you’re not happy with your purchase. Additionally, they provide a 25-year limited warranty that, on the off-chance your mattress fails to live up to your expectations – construction-wise – means they will repair, replace or refund. It doesn’t get any better that that.

Now, for those familiar with the brand and the many bits and pieces that usually come with IKEA purchases (as well as their Allen-key approach to assembly), you will be happy to learn that these beds include just 2 pieces; the actual mattress and the machine-washable cover. And they typically arrive roll-packed in a lightweight box that you can easily carry into your sleep space for opening and instant deployment.

Here’s where you may find a difference between the IKEA foam mattress and some of the pricier brands; smell and set-up. Where other brands are typically ready for you to sleep on as soon as they are set up, IKEA suggests 72-hours before the mattress regains its full shape and comfort level. They also reference a non-toxic smell that will dissipate “over time” and while most brands ship free, IKEA charges $39 for delivery of on-line purchases. But if these aren’t issues for you, let’s begin.

For this particular review, we’ll look at 3 of IKEA’s most popular designs. The least expensive model (the Morgedal), most expensive, (the Mausund) and the brand’s mid-range memory foam mattress – the Myrbacka.


Described as a “resilient” foam mattress versus memory foam, the Morgedal delivers many of the same features you would expect from a decent quality memory foam product in terms of delivering all-over contouring support. At 7-1/8-inches thick, it is considered to be “thinner” in the world of memory foam mattresses and for that reason, wouldn’t be an ideal choice for heavier individuals (over 200 pounds) because it will tend to sag and lose its shape sooner than later. As the least expensive of IKEA’s foam mattress collection (not including those that have been designed specifically for use on trundles or sleeper sofas) the Morgedal is available in medium or firm support which can make it an ideal option for stomach or side-sleepers on a budget. Similar to memory foam, the Morgedal claims to isolate motion and prevent it from transferring from one side of the bed to the other. Which means it’s a great choice for light sleepers or those with partners who toss and turn in the night.


The Morgedal’s cover is made from a cotton-polyester blend that is machine washable for an always fresh, hygienic sleep surface. And because the cover is so easy to remove for washing or simply airing out, you’ll never have to worry about it smelling stale. Better still, the cover’s stretchy, knit top surface works with the foam comfort layer to continually adapt to your contours as you move around in the night.

Top Layer

The top layer of the Morgedal is a thick blend of polyester-rayon fibers that provide you with a comfortable, cushioned sleep surface. It also helps with air flow for a cooler sleep surface.

Second Layer

A 2.4-inch thick layer of open-cell, high-resilience polyurethane foam gives this mattress a little more bounce. Known for having a high-support factor, this foam is extremely responsive and will not only retain its shape longer than visco elastic foam, but will instantly adapt to your contours regardless of how often you turn in the night.

Base Layer

The Morgedal mattress features a sturdy 1.7-pound layer of standard polyurethane foam that helps to deliver uniform support to the upper comfort layer. Its important to note that in order to ensure this mattress retains its shape that it always be used in conjunction with a slatted bed base or standard box-spring base. Never place it directly onto the floor without having a buffer (the base) to help absorb the motion and vibration caused from daily use. Use without a base will cause your mattress to break down more quickly.


IKEA’s Myrbacka mattress comes with the option of having a latex or a memory foam top layer. For this particular review, we’re going to look at the 9.5-inch thick memory foam version. By using contour-hugging memory foam, the Myrbacka provides superior support that effectively distributes your body weight evenly across the entire sleep surface. By doing so, it helps alleviate pressure on heavier joints such as shoulders, hips and knees and delivers a more comfortable sleep experience. And because memory foam is so quick to adapt to your body’s shape, it’s ideal for continually filling in those areas that tend to “float” unsupported such as the lower lumbar region. As a result, it’s great for those who suffer from back pain – delivering a more restful sleep and pain-free morning. The Myrbacka is available in full, queen and king sizes – the latter of which, when combined with memory foam’s ability to eliminate motion transfer, makes an ideal option for light sleepers. Unlike many of IKEA’s other foam mattress designs, the Myrbacka does not arrive rolled up, but fully upright and on a truck – which may add a little more to your shipping costs.


IKEA’s poly-cotton mattress covers are easily removeable for machine-washing or simply airing. As a result, you have a sleep surface that is always fresh and hygienic. And because the top surface of the cover is a stretchy, knit fabrication, it works with the memory foam to adapt to your contours. No matter how often you flip and flop in the night.

Top Layer

The Myrbacka’s top layer of 3-inch thick, 3 lb. memory foam delivers the contouring comfort and level of support you have come to expect from memory foam, but without a lot of the bells and whistles. While many brands now offer gel infused memory foam or a gel layer to help channel heat away from the body for a cooler, more comfortable sleep, this isn’t a feature of the Myrbacka. Instead, IKEA has included a natural wool fill that adds a little extra comfort and helps regulate temperatures. It’s also doesn’t deliver the density one would expect for a long-wearing memory foam mattress which means sagging can occur and this model it isn’t ideal for heavier individuals.

Base Layer

Similar to the Morgedal model, the Myrbacka features a durable, 6-inch thick, 1.7-pound polyfoam base that helps the upper comfort layer deliver a consistent level of support across the entire sleep surface. By now, you should know that with any foam mattress it’s important that it be properly supported. This means introducing either a slatted or standard mattress base to your set-up to provide a little extra buffering. Failure to do so may impact the life-span of your memory foam mattress and cause it to break down more quickly.


At the top of the price range is the Mausund natural latex mattress. Now for those who have researched the benefits of latex over memory foam, you’ll appreciate the advantages this type of foam offers including a cooler sleep and enhanced responsiveness. For you, the sleeper, this means that your mattress adapts to your contours more rapidly so regardless of how often you move in the night, your body is continually supported. In fact, comfort zones at the hips and shoulders ensure neutral spinal alignment is always maintained. Additionally, the Mausund uses natural fibers such as wool, cotton and coconut to help wick moisture away from your body for a more comfortable sleep experience. Available in twin, full, queen and king sizes, this highly affordable latex mattress has a size for every member of the family.


Mausund’s cover is made from 100% natural cotton that has been derived from sustainable sources – meaning grown in an environmentally sound manner. As a result, it not only wicks moisture but it allows optimal air movement for a cooler, more comfortable sleep experience. However, unlike the other models, the cover is not removable for washing so you’ll need to be prepared to spot-clean or consider a mattress protector.

Top Layer

The plush upper layer of the Mausund is made with all-natural wool that not only provides a little extra comfort and support, but helps moderate the surface temperature through enhanced air flow. The end result is a cooler, more restful sleep.

Second Layer

With the 7-7/8-inch thick Mausund mattress, the all-important comfort layer features a combination of 85% natural latex and 15% synthetic latex. Known for it’s enhanced breathability and cooling properties, latex offers an ultra-soft finish that still delivers the comfort and support you would expect from a memory foam mattress. In spite of the industry trend towards gel infusion or gel pad layers, IKEA instead uses natural fibers to help draw moisture away and redirect warm air from the sleeper. Simple steps that can result in a cooler, more comfortable sleep. Now the Mausund’s slimmer design means that while it may be lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, it’s not an ideal choice for heavier individuals who need the support that comes with a thicker mattress.

Base Layer

As with the Mogedal and Myrbacka designs, the Mausund features a solid, 6-inch thick polyfoam base that helps ensure the upper comfort layers deliver uniform support across the entire sleep surface. At 1.7 pounds density, this base is built for durability and will help prevent your mattress from sagging over time. An important rule to follow with new foam mattress is the need to place it on top of a slatted or box-spring mattress base. This will help minimize the wear and tear that comes from daily use and will enhance the lifespan of your mattress.


Added Benefits

Easy to Transport Roll-Pack

IKEA was built around the concept of convenience. Take-home purchases that are easy to load into the back of your car, then carry into your home for set-up. As a result, their mattresses (exception Myrbacka) are conveniently roll-packed which means you don’t have to wait for it to arrive or incur the cost of home delivery. Unbox, unroll and within 72-hours you have a cozy memory foam bed that’s ready for use.

IKEA quality at an affordable price

Renowned for providing reasonably-priced, quality home décor items, IKEA’s collection of foam mattresses deliver great value for a fraction of what you would pay with other brands. And while these mattresses may lean toward the basic essentials versus delivering a wish-list of special features, you can rest assured knowing that your new foam, memory foam or latex mattress has been constructed to the brand’s exacting standards.

Industry-leading trial periods

While most on-line mattress brands offer 100- or 120-night trial periods during which you can take your pricey purchase on a test-run, IKEA has stepped up with a whopping 365-night trial period. If, during that time you decide your new mattress isn’t living up to your expectations or you would prefer to try another model, you can return it for a full refund or exchange.





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