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Last Updated: March 2018 

The Eight mattress is one of the most innovative mattresses on the market today. Like many other ship to order mattresses, Eight is comprised entirely of foam; in fact, it is made of four separate layers of foam. However, what sets the Eight mattress apart from other ship to order mattresses is that it is a ‘smart’ mattress. It has built-in technology that allows you to keep track of your sleep data trends right on your smart phone. Just download the special Eight mattress app on your smart phone and you can keep track of your sleeping trends with a simple swipe of your smart phone. Talk about totally cutting edge technology for a mattress! Additionally, the Eight mattress has a Smart Alarm, which also connects with your smart phone, so you can set it to wake up at the right time for you every day.

Another feature that makes the Eight mattress stand out is the built in bed warming. The temperature on each side of the bed can be easily adjusted so that you and your sleeping partner can sleep on a mattress that offers the ideal temperature for your preference. This feature and others will allow you to customize the mattress to your specific needs.

  • Innovative technology that connects to your smart phone, which enables you to track your sleep, and do other incredible things, like set an alarm or use white noise with your mattress
  • Temperature control settings
  • Reduced heat retention
  • Four layers of high quality foam
  • 10 year warrant
  • 100 night trial period
  • Money back guarantee
  • Easy ordering process
  • Some users may not find the technology to be useful, and rather, more of a bother than a benefit
  • Cannot try the mattress out beforehand
  • Heavier sleepers may not find the mattress to offer the level of support or comfort that they are seeking

Our Score

Below is our final score of the Eight mattress based on multiple criteria that we use when testing all of our mattresses.

Pain Relief9
Edge Support8.5
Off Gassing9
Back Sleeping9
Side Sleeping9
Stomach Sleeping8.75
Warranty & Support10

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What’s It Made From…

The Eight mattress is comprised of four separate layers of high-quality foam: 2 inches of reactive poly foam; 2 inches of memory foam; 2 inches of transition foam and 4 inches of density support foam. With all of these layers of foam combined, the Eight mattress is a total of 10 inches in height, combining comfort and support for a restful night of sleep.

The Top Layer

At the top of the Eight mattress is a layer of 2 inches of reactive poly foam. This layer is designed to provide the first level of comfort for the mattress, and it also offering a cooling effect. The memory foam has a fast response time, so it quickly reacts to the shape and weight of your body; however, the memory foam is not as soft as other types of foam, so it prevents you from feeling stuck in the mattress. The top layer of poly foam has a density of 3 pounds per cubic feet.

The Second Layer

The second layer of the Eight mattress is 2 inches of memory foam. Placing a layer of memory foam under the more responsive first layer allows the second layer of the mattress to properly contour to your body without making you feel as if you are getting trapped in the mattress. The second layer of the Eight mattress has a density of 4 pounds per cubic food.

The Third Layer

Made of 2 inches of transition foam, the third layer of the Eight mattress is intended to offer support for the sleeper. It also acts as a transitional layer for the upper layer of comfort foams and the firmer, denser layer of the foundation foam. The third layer of transition foam offers a density of 1.8 pounds per cubic foot.

The Bottom Layer

The fourth and final layer of the Eight mattress is made of 4 inches of high-density support foam. Acting as the foundation for the mattress, the fourth layer of the Eight mattress offers deep compression support; however, it primarily acts as the base for the mattress. The high-density support foam maintains the shape and the overall integrity of the mattress and has a density of 1.8 pounds per cubic feet.

The Cover

Holding all four layers of the Eight mattress together is the cover. The cover is pretty simple and straightforward, but it does an important job. It is 100 percent polyester and breathes very well, thus helping to decrease the level of heat retention in the mattress. The cover is also pretty elastic, which allows it to bounce back into shape quickly. The cover of the Eight mattress is thin so that it can yield the best results for the innovative sleep tracking technology.

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Hands On Review

Eight Mattress Review Like so many mattresses today, you cannot purchase the Eight mattress in a store; instead, it ships directly from the manufacturer to the buyer. This certainly eases the purchase process, and also helps to reduce overhead costs, thereby reducing the overall cost of the mattress; however, this also means that you cannot try the mattress out before you buy it. As a result, you may be hesitant to purchase the Eight mattress, because you won’t know exactly how it feels.

For that reason, we have added a hands-on review in this buyer’s guide. This part of our guide assess the most important criteria of the mattress that impacts the overall quality of sleep that you will be able to achieve on it. The criteria we look at includes the following:


On a firmness scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest, we rate the Eight a 6. This mattress is slightly above medium in regard to firmness. As a result, the majority of sleepers of all sizes, and people who sleep in all positions will find the firmness enjoyable.

It provides a well-balanced feeling. It sinks slightly, but not too much; and, it also hugs the body, but doesn’t hug it so much that you feel like you are being sucked into it. Overall, the Eight mattress offers a nice level of firmness.


We also found that the Eight mattress was pretty comfortable. Again, it sinks just enough to contour to the body, yet it doesn’t sink so much that you feel as if you are sinking into it. The combination of the responsive foam with the memory foam and the transition foam provides an excellent degree of comfort.

We were also very impressed with the reduced level of motion transfer in the Eight mattress. We barely felt any movement when the mattress was moved, which really maximizes the comfort that it provides.

Pain Relief and Support

The Eight mattress also does pretty well, in regard to pain relief and support for sleepers of all weights, including light, average and heavy weight sleepers. The foam conforms nicely to the body, but offers a nice amount of bounce back, so you won’t sink into it; a problem that can often happen with foam mattresses. We also found that because the Eight mattress properly supported the body, it was able to reduce pressure points, thereby reducing any pain that is usually experienced while sleeping.

Heat Retention

Foam mattresses often do experience problems with heat retention. Foam is often known for retaining heat, which can make the sleep surface uncomfortable. The makers of the Eight mattress kept heat retention in mind. The top layer of the mattress helps to avoid the feeling of being enveloped by the mattress, which helps to prevent the buildup of heat around the body. Add to that the fact that the thin, yet porous cover offers a high level of breathability, and you will find the mattress remains cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Off Gassing

Off gassing is not an uncommon problem for foam mattresses. It refers to the odor that a mattress emits, and it is often an issue for foam mattresses because of the chemicals that are used during the production of the foam. With the Eight mattress, there was a very slight level of off-gassing. We did notice a mild odor when we first received the mattress; however, we left it in a well-ventilated area, and within no time, the smell was completely gone. If you notice an odor when you receive your Eight mattress we suggest you do the same and place it in a ventilated area until the smell goes away.


The Eight mattress was also pretty good, in regard to intimacy activities. Unlike many other foam mattresses, the foam used in the Eight mattress is pretty responsive. This allows the mattress to bounce back, which makes it a lot easier to engage in intimate activities. While you may have to put more effort forth to engage in those activities than you would have to on a traditional coil spring mattress, you won’t have to exert as much energy as you would on other foam mattresses.

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Sleeping Position Ratings

We also wanted to let you know how the Eight mattress stacks up in terms of sleep positions. Different sleep positions require different levels of support for the body, so it is important for the mattress to adjust so that it will provide the proper support, and thereby, will remain comfortable and reduce pain.

Here’s what we found in regard to the comfort and support that the Eight mattress offers in different sleep positions.


Back sleepers will like the firmness, which is slightly above the middle of the road. It is soft enough to contour to the body and improve comfort, yet not so firm that it will create pressure points that can lead to pain. Overall, we found that sleeping on our back on the Eight mattress was very comfortable and supportive.

Back Sleeping score: 9/10


Stomach sleepers will also enjoy sleeping on the Eight mattress. Again, it offers just the right level of firmness for stomach sleepers so that they will remain comfortable and won’t experience a build up of pain while they are sleeping. The mattress will not make you feel as if you are sinking into the middle of it when you sleep on the mattress; however, it also won’t make you feel as if you are sleeping on a board.

Stomach Sleeping score: 8.75/10


Side sleepers will also find that the Eight mattress offers a comfortable sleeping experience. It prevents the buildup of pressure on the spine, which is often a problem that side sleepers experience. As a result, you will be able to stay comfortable throughout the night and enjoy a restful night of sleep.

Side Sleeping score: 9/10

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Bed Frame Compatibility

In order to take full advantage of the comfort and support that the Eight mattress is designed to offer, we suggest you use it on either a solid surface or that you use it on a slatted bed frame. If you opt for a slatted bed frame, make sure that the slats aren’t spaced too far apart, as this could increase the level of sinkage and reduce the comfort level and support. The slats should be no more than three inches apart, and they should be constructed of a firm material that will not bow or sag. If you prefer, you can use the Eight mattress on a platform bed, or on a floor.

Warranty, Guarantee and Trial Period

  • Warranty: The Eight mattress is backed by a 10-year warranty. If there are any defects in that 10 year period that are a result of a manufacturing defect, you can have the mattress replaced.
  • Guarantee: Full money back guarantee
  • Trial Period: The Eight mattress also offers a 100 night trial period. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied by the Eight mattress, contact the manufacturer and they will arrange to pick up your mattress at no expense to you. You will receive a full refund of your money, no questions asked.

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The Eight mattress offers advanced technology, as well as four layers of high-quality foam. This combines to create a mattress that is supportive, comfortable, remains cool, and allows you to customize the sleep you and your partner receive. It is shipped directly from the manufacturer, so you can avoid the hassles of shopping in the store, and the delivery is very easy. Additionally, if you are not happy with the mattress, you will be able to receive a refund within 100 days of purchasing.

Rating Box and Summary

For more information on the Eight mattress click here.

  • Overview


If you are looking for a mattress that offers medium firmness, is responsive to your body, remains cool and offers cutting edge technology, like sleep tracking and the ability to adjust the temperature in the sleep surface, than the Eight mattress is a great choice for you.


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