DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress Review

If you love the idea of sleeping on a mattress that not only delivers the curve-hugging comfort of memory foam and the bounce of coil-spring construction but that also makes a rather impressive visual statement in the bedroom, then the DreamCloud hybrid mattress may be just the ticket. When other memory foam mattresses typically land in the 10- to 12-inch thick range, the DreamCloud is a whopping 15-inches thick and considers itself one of the most luxurious hybrid mattress experiences available on today’s markets.

While there’s no doubt the DreamCloud has some pretty lofty ideals and quite literally “towers” over the competition, let’s face it, an ultra-tall mattress doesn’t guarantee a great nights’ sleep. Nor does it ensure that you’ll receive the all-important pressure relief that a top quality – albeit slimmer – style of memory foam mattress can offer. And that’s where this hybrid’s 7-layer construction steps in.

DreamCloud incorporates both soft, natural latex and 2 different densities of memory foam into its hybrid mattress for optimal distribution of body weight and superior, body-hugging support. Add to that a full 8 inches of individually pocketed coils and you have an exceptionally responsive mattress with a medium-firm density that is ideal for almost every body type and sleep style.

In fact, the DreamCloud is a great option for side sleepers and heavier individuals who require a firmer mattress that offers a little more support when it comes to maintaining neutral spinal alignment. For those who are of a lighter weight, the plush, upper comfort layers provide an ideal surface to cradle your curves. However, stomach sleepers may find that the ability to “sink in” to the mattress top can cause them to lose much needed support along the lower lumbar region.

And just like most of the other bed-in-a-box brands, DreamCloud offers free shipping within the continental United States. However, unlike the usual 100- or 120-night trial periods offered by most on-line mattress brands, the DreamCloud offers a full 365-night trial period during which time you can take your bed for a “test run” and if you decide it doesn’t deliver the best sleep you’ve ever had, you can return it at no cost to you, for a full refund. Purchasers also receive the brand’s lifetime warranty that covers any manufacturing defect for as long as they own the mattress.

And if the idea of hauling a 15-inch thick hybrid mattress (albeit in a box) into your house and up your stairs is a bit daunting, DreamCloud also offers an optional white glove delivery service that includes professional installation in most U.S. destinations.

Intrigued to find out what actually goes into a 7-layer mattress? Let’s dive in.

DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress Construction


The DreamCloud luxury experience begins with their ultra-plush mattress cover. It’s made from a blend of cashmere and polyester for a super soft-to-the-touch feel and features strategic tufting to prevent it from bunching or shifting as you sleep. The only downside – which is not exclusive to this brand – is that unlike standard memory foam mattress covers that can be removed for cleaning, hybrid mattress covers are affixed and may require a mattress protector. That said, DreamCloud offers a one-time complimentary cleaning after the first year of use and the option of a “like new” refurb after 5 years. Problem solved?

First Layer

Quilted directly into the underside of their mattress cover is a ½-inch thick layer of gel-infused memory foam. This layer offers not only an extra measure of plush support to the sleep surface but helps diffuse the build-up of body heat for a cooler, more comfortable night.

Second Layer

The all-important 2nd layer of the DreamCloud hybrid features a 1-¾- inch slab of premium memory foam. Known for its ability to distribute body weight across an entire sleep surface, memory foam delivers optimal pressure relief to heavier joints such as shoulders, hips and knees.  And by the way, all foams used in the DreamCloud hybrid are CertiPUR-US® Certified. Which means they have been manufactured without harmful, ozone-depleting chemicals, heavy metals or formaldehyde.

Third Layer

Adding one more layer of contouring support, is a ½-inch thick layer of soft, natural latex. By opting for a natural latex over synthetic, DreamCloud introduces a premium, eco-friendly product that has been harvested from actual rubber trees versus artificially manufactured. And while latex foam is a naturally breathable material, DreamCloud has further aerated this layer with tiny perforations to ensure continual air movement and a cooler, more comfortable sleep. But there’s more, because latex is also known for being springier than standard memory foam. Which, means you have a mattress that is much easier to move around on in terms of getting in and out of bed, turning over in the night and engaging in those intimate activities where a little extra bounce matters.

Fourth Layer

This fourth, ¼-inch thick comfort layer is much firmer than the upper layers and is where you begin to experience the superior support that memory foam is known for. While the softer top layer materials provide that plush sleep surface you equate with luxury, it’s the lower, denser layers that help to evenly distribute your body’s weight across the mattress and alleviate pressure on heavier joints. It also works to maintain ideal spinal alignment so no matter ow often you change positions, your spine remains in a neutral position.

Fifth Layer

With DreamCloud’s fifth layer, you have a super high-density memory foam that acts as a transition or buffer between the top comfort and support layers and the individually pocketed coils. By introducing this layer in a mere ½ inch thickness, DreamCloud is able to not only deliver uniform support across the entire sleep surface, but ensure the lower layer of individually wrapped coils are still able to rapidly adapt to your body’s contours regardless of how often you move in the night.

Sixth Layer

This is where the many benefits of hybrid construction really stand out. In this next layer, DreamCloud introduces an impressive 8 inches of proprietary coil spring construction that delivers a 5-zoned compression system of support. How does it work? The individually pocketed and highly responsive micro-coils are laid out in a grid that ensures heavier joints such as your shoulders, hips and knees receive a greater level of support than your head or lower legs. And because micro-coils are known for delivering an advanced level of support, you’ll never find the recessed areas of your body – such as your lower back – left unsupported. You’ll enjoy a more restful night and a morning that is free from the pain often experienced when pressure points are stressed

Seventh Layer

DreamCloud’s final layer is a 1 ½-inch foundation or base slab of high-density memory foam. Designed to deliver uniform support to the entire upper layer of pocketed coils, this important segment of any hybrid mattress not only absorbs the shock and motion of daily wear and tear for a longer lasting bed, but ensures all six upper layers deliver the level of support you expect from a luxury hybrid.

Added Benefits

Made Without Harmful Chemicals

The DreamCloud hybrid mattress uses only CertiPUR-US® Certified foams in its construction. This means that the foams used in the construction of your bed have been manufactured without harmful chemicals or metals including lead, mercury or formaldehyde. And because no ozone-depleting materials have been used, you’ll experience zero off-gassing when you set up your mattress.  An ideal optional for allergy sufferers and those who want to protect the environment.

Hybrid Construction

DreamCloud uses natural latex, 3 different densities of memory foam and patent-pending, 5-zone micro-coil construction to deliver a hybrid mattress that is superb at cushioning key pressure points and supporting heavier joints. And because of the use of micro-coils versus regular springs, the brand has produced a mattress that is able to more precisely adapt to your body’s curves.

Exceptional Edge Support

With DreamCloud’s 8-inch layer of individually pocketed coils, you enjoy highly responsive support that spans the entire mattress surface. And with the added layer of high-density foam that surrounds the perimeter of the bed, you have a hard-wearing, long-lasting mattress with superior edge support. In short, for those who love to sleep toward the side of the bed, you’ll never experience the sensation that you’re sliding out of bed.

Reduced Motion Transfer

The beauty of individually pocketed coils is that they operate independent to one another. And while they can quickly and precisely adapt to your body’s contours each time you turn over, they are superb at isolating motion. This means that regardless of how often you or your partner move in the night, you won’t disturb one another. And kids or pets that want to join you in the night, can do so without you waking.

A Naturally Cooler Sleep

By using gel-infused memory foam and naturally breathable latex in their top layers, DreamCloud has produced a mattress that is able to continually expel warmer air as you sleep. By adding the individually pocketed micro coils that promote enhanced air circulation simply by design, you have a hybrid mattress that supports a cooler sleep surface and a more comfortable, restful night.




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