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Last Updated: May 2017

The Eve Mattress, created in 2011 by a team located in the UK, is a recent entrant into the crowded memory foam mattress
market. The product is sold by Eve Sleep globally with distribution arrangements in the UK, the USA, and elsewhere in the world.

After thousands of different approaches had been attempted to create the most comfortable mattress imaginable, the Eve Mattress was born. Multiple layers provide a blended sleeping experience as one sinks further into the foam. The first layer, made of premium memory foam, sculpts the body to encapsulate it partly. The second polyurethane layer provides a firmer support than the softer top layer. The final base layer is a made of high-density support foam that creates a secure foundation for the two layers above.

The latest generation of memory foam improves the breathability of the top layer to ensure it never gets hot. The multi-layered design avoids trapping heat and provide the spine and joints with proper support throughout the night. The generously-sized base layer makes all the difference with motion isolation. Perhaps one sleeping partner is sleeping restlessly or climbing into/out of bed. In each case, motion transfer is minimized which avoids disturbing their partner.

Given the amount of research conducted during the formulation of the various foam layers included in the final product, the single product approach that Eve Sleep has taken with this mattress is completely understandable.

  • Two inches of premium memory foam provides a soft top layer
  • The one-and-a-half-inch polyurethane foam layer delivers the firmer support that the top layer lacks
  • Motion isolation is excellent with the Eve. Tossing and turning is barely felt, if at all
  • Soft, breathable, removable cover that’s machine washable
  • Lighter and easier to move than several other memory foam beds
  • 10-year warranty period
  • Off-gassing is at a high level and lasts for days (a separate room to let the mattress air out is best)
  • The smell from the off-gassing is quite noticeable
  • Edge support is fairly poor when compared to an innerspring mattress

Our Score

Below is our final score of the Eve mattress based on multiple criteria that we use when testing all of our mattresses.

Pain Relief9.5
Edge Support8.5
Off Gassing9
Back Sleeping9.25
Side Sleeping9.25
Stomach Sleeping8.75
Warranty & Support10

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How it’s made

The Eve is a 3-layered foam-based mattress with a 10-inch total depth. The basic layers are:

  • 2-inch Comfort memory foam layer
  • 5-inch Breathable polyurethane foam layer
  • 5-inch Support foam base layer

Top Layer – contouring memory foam

The top layer has 2-inches of next generation memory foam that have been reengineered to avoid the heavy sinkage of previous memory foam mattresses. The problem where people sunk into the foam too far and had trouble climbing back out of bed again is resolved. The amount of sinkage is now moderate, and there’s also improvements to heat retention levels and bounciness too.

Middle Layer – breathable cooling layer

The middle layer is a 1.5-inch slab of polyurethane foam. It has an open-cell design for increased breathability and suppleness. This center layer offers some bounce to it, but also delivers increased firmness for sleepers.

Bottom Layer – supportive base layer

The bottom layer is a 6.5-inch high-density foam that is strong enough to act as a base for the mattress as a whole. Even with the aid of a bed frame or foundation, the increased density, and firmness of the lower layer is enough to support two people comfortably throughout the night.

Mattress Cover

A good cover is often referred to as an additional layer because it adds more to a mattress than one realizes. The hand-sewn cover is hypoallergenic. It certainly stands out with its white top and prominent yellow side walls. The fabric is soft and comfortable to lie on directly, though we’d always recommend using a proper sheet. The cover also helps keep the mattress cool by allowing heat to escape rather than trapping it beneath.

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Hands on Review

In the following in-depth review, we look at the following criteria:


The overall firmness for the Eve is set at a medium to slightly firm level. Given that the top 2-inch layer is premium memory foam, it hugs your body in a gentle way.

The firmness is balanced between the softer top layer that lets the person lying on it sink to some extent and the middle layer which is a firmer comfort layer of polyurethane foam that has a higher density. The result strikes a comfortable balance that people with back problems will find welcoming.


The three layers offer a good deal of comfort. The amount of sinkage when lying on the memory foam was noticeable mostly from the midsection of the body down. Lying on the back or from the side was certainly more comfortable than being face down as a stomach sleeper. As such, the comfort level varied depending on how the bed is used. The reason is that the firmness rating airs on the firmer side. It suits the back and side sleeper better while feeling a little harder for people who prefer to sleep face down.

Motion isolation is another issue which affects overall comfort. With this mattress, there is minimal motion transfer at all. It does an excellent job of not transferring movement from one side of the bed to the other which helps both partners get a good night’s sleep.

Pain Relief & Support

The Eve Mattress provides proper spinal support through its layered support including a generous 6.5-inch base layer. Given the slightly firmer feel, the back support is improved and pain reduced. The lighter top layer of memory foam also reduces weight on the pressure points making this mattress far more comfortable to sleep on than other ones with a harder top surface.

Edge support is not great, so there is some noticeable sinkage when getting off the bed from the side. Sinkage over 3-inches is observed here.

Heat Retention

With the use of new technology in the memory foam formulation, it breathes much easier than older versions that suffered excessively from heat retention. The multi-layered design and different foam types help the Eve keep cool during use. Any heat that does build up is quickly ventilated too.

The inclusion of a breathable mattress cover also helps wick heat away from the mattress successfully.

Off Gassing

Almost any type of foam product has some off gassing. The reason is the chemicals which are part of the production process take a few days to a couple of weeks to escape the foam and dissipate entirely. The smell is noticeable for homeowners when first unwrapping and unrolling their memory foam mattress to its full size.

In the case of the Eve Mattress, it does have a strong off gassing smell. It is possible that the smell is still there after a week and it may require more time to dissipate completely. The best idea is to place the mattress in a spare bedroom with the door closed and the window open to let it ventilate the gas naturally.


Given that the Eve is partly made with memory foam, the one drawback with it is its lack of responsiveness. Unlike an inner spring mattress with a quick bounce back, the Eve performs as one would expect from any other memory foam bedding product. It is, however, more responsive than older style memory foam mattresses.

Regarding intimacy for couples, the lack of natural bounce feels a little odd, to begin with, yet both partners naturally adjust with time. It’s fair to say that a bit more energy is expended to personally compensate for the lack of natural bounce from the mattress during bedroom activities.

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Sleeping Position Ratings


With back sleepers, a reasonably firm mattress is preferable over one that is plush or not firm enough. On the flip side, a bed that is too firm is just as uncomfortable for anyone with back problems or who just wants to sleep well at night.

The Eve is moderately firm with a soft top layer, but greater firmness is felt below. As a result, back sleepers sink modestly and achieve the right level of support to feel extremely comfortable. Pressure relief is also good here, and the spine feels properly aligned.

Back Sleeping score: 9.25/10


With stomach sleepers, the Eve feels a little firm and could potentially be too firm for some people. The two inches of soft memory foam indeed offers a soft top layer, and the lower two layers ensure the body is supported well. Heavier people are likely to find sleeping on their stomach feels fine while people with lighter frames are likely to feel the mattress’s firmness to a greater degree, especially below the waist. It will be down to personal preference whether a medium firm mattress is too firm when sleeping on the front.

Stomach Sleeping score: 8.75/10


With side sleepers, the mattress shouldn’t be too firm. With the Eve, the right balance is struck here, and it feels pleasant to sleep on the side. There is a moderate amount of sinking, which avoids the mattress foam digging uncomfortably into the ribs. Pressure relief is noticeable, and the spine felt supported. Overall, side sleepers are likely to be very happy.

Side Sleeping score: 9.25/10

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Bed Frame Compatibility

The mattress is usable on a range of bed bases. A low-rise divan, a slatted bed frame, a box spring, and even an adjustable bed all are suitable with the Eve. In the case of the adjustable bed, it is not advisable to leave the mattress folded over when not in use.

It is also possible to place the mattress on the floor temporarily before selecting the right bed frame for your bedroom. The product comes with a fabric cover which is hypoallergenic to keep germs and bacteria away from the mattress.

Warranty, Guarantee, Trial Period & Delivery

  • Warranty: 10 years.
  • Guarantee: 100% money back
  • Trial period: 100 nights – the mattress is returnable up until the 100th day. It doesn’t need to be packed back into the product box either.
  • Delivery: Shipping is available to anywhere in the US. The mattress arrives compressed & vacuum-packed in a box as you can see from our photograph. It needs to be unpacked, unrolled and left to complete its off-gassing process.


The Eve mattress is fairly priced between $449 – $749 (as of the latest update to this page) and is available in the following sizes:

  • Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King & California King

You can check the latest prices right here.


The Eve Mattress represents four years of in-depth research by Eve Sleep into the creation of just the right product for homeowners to enjoy at night. There are many types of memory foam mattresses to choose from, but the Eve does offer improvements over many of them.

The better heat management, lighter foam, making it easier to move, and reliable durability, combined with a confident 100-day trial and 10-year warranty, really seals the deal.

You can view the price and all the specific details of the Eve mattress right here.

Is this mattress right for you?

It is harder than one expects to find a mattress that’s perfect for you. After all, it may not only be you who is sleeping in the bed, and each person has their own preferences for firmness, comfort, responsiveness and sleeping position.

The Eve is a single mattress solution from a company that doesn’t offer any other type. They feel that they have got it right. Indeed, they strike a positive balance between being firm but not too firm. For either side or back sleepers, the added firmness is likely to be welcomed. For lighter stomach sleepers, the firmness may be a little too much (nothing that a soft mattress topper wouldn’t remedy, however). Heavier stomach sleepers will probably feel just as comfortable as side and back sleepers do.

The heat management is handled well, so no one should have undue concerns here. The latest CertiPUR certified foam formulations and multi-layered design coupled with the Oeko-Texa Class 1 certified breathable fabric cover all perform well in avoiding heat build-up. There isn’t much that can be done about the reduced bounce with memory foam, but only singles or couples who rely on that turns this into a deal breaker.

For more information on the Eve mattress, click here.

Eve Memory Foam Mattress Review
  • Overall


The Eve is a bit of a dark horse because it’s made in the UK and less well known in the US market up until now. We’d say give it some time because the word is likely to spread about the comfort and support that this mattress provides. The company offers full customer support in the US market, so no one should miss out.

The Eve Mattress is an excellent choice for people looking for a memory foam bedding solution that is soft on top but slightly firm underneath. Sinkage is not excessive, so the Eve is easy to climb into and get out of in the morning too. It also comes with a colorful, washable cover to protect it from accidental spills that might leak through the sheets onto the mattress.


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