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When its time to retire the old mattress and look for something that’s both comfortable to snuggle into at night and great at alleviating those aches and pains that seem to welcome you each morning, memory foam is definitely the way to go. Now you may be concerned that with all the new bells and whistles so many manufacturers have added to their memory foam mattresses, that it’s no longer within your price range, but you’d be wrong.

In fact, there are a number of bed-in-the-box brands that offer exceptional quality at around the same price as a good box-spring and mattress set. And with the evolution of cooler surfaces, various firmness levels that can meet every sleep style and body type as well as the combo memory foam / coil spring hybrid that almost every brand now offers, there’s no reason to miss out on the many benefits this type of mattress brings because of price.

Now for those working to a strict budget, the purchase of a new mattress can be a big- ticket item so you’ll want to make sure you get as much bang for your buck as possible. A great sleep, a well-built mattress that will last for years and with many of the same features that all the big-brand names now offer. This is where we introduce you to eLuxury.

Relatively new to the bed-in-a-box industry, eLuxury is owned and operated out of Indiana by United States veterans. Their Evansville-based operation manufactures everything “bed” which includes not only a range of gel memory foam mattresses but also sheet sets, comforters, platform beds and even a collection of orthopedic pet beds.

But when it comes to their line of gel memory foam-based mattresses, they offer 3 different styles including a 10-inch thick mattress, a 12-inch thick hybrid which incorporates latex and micro coils as well as a slimmer, 8-inch thick mattress that could be used in a fold-out sofa, trundle or trailer.

Both the 10-inch thick Gel Memory Foam and the 12-inch thick Hybrid are considered by eLuxury to be a medium-firm support mattress and this makes them ideal for side sleepers and heavier individuals who require a little more support when it comes to maintaining neutral spinal alignment. For those who love to sleep on their stomach you’ll appreciate that little bit of “give” a medium-firm versus firm mattress allows for your tummy and chest area

Similar to most bed-in-a-box brands, eLuxury offers free shipping within the continental United States, a 10-year warranty and a 120-night trial period. This allows you to experience your new mattress before committing. If it doesn’t meet your sleep needs, just call them, they’ll pick it up at no cost to you and provide a full refund. While eLuxury does ask that you try their mattress for at least 30 days before making a decision, if it still isn’t the right fit for you, your returned mattress will be donated to a local shelter. In fact, eLuxury promises to donate one mattress for every 45 purchased, to a worthy charity. Now, who wouldn’t sleep better, knowing they’ve helped others?

Looking for an affordable option with luxury features? Let’s take a better look at this American-based brand’s 10-inch thick Gel Memory Foam mattress and their 12-inch thick Hybrid.

eLuxury Mattress Construction


What’s great about eLuxury’s 10-inch thick Gel Memory Foam mattress cover is that it’s not only porous – meaning breathable for a continuously cooler sleep surface – but it can be removed for machine washing. And while removing and then refitting any memory foam mattress cover can be a bit of a challenge, it means you never need to worry about spills, stains, dust and dirt. A quick machine wash (or steam) and your mattress surface is clean and fresh again. With the 12-inch thick Hybrid mattress, the cover is attached to the mattress and can’t be removed – which is typical of any hybrid mattress. Because of this, you may want to check into eLuxury’s optional mattress pads or a mattress protector that can help to safeguard your sleep surface.

First Layer

With eLuxury’s 10-inch Gel Memory Foam model, the first (or top) layer is comprised of a 3-inch thick slab of their proprietary gel foam. Using millions of microscopic gel beads to help dissipate heat, this layer was designed to provide exceptional breathability for a continuously cool sleep experience. Gel foam is also renowned for its ability to rapidly adapt to your body’s contours and deliver superior support and pressure point relief. So, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable night and a morning free from joint and back pain. With their 12-inch Hybrid, eLuxury introduces a 2-inch thick layer of this same gel-infused memory foam for a responsive sleep surface that will instantly adapt to your curves regardless of how often you move in the night.

Second Layer

While the next layer of the 10-inch Gel Memory Foam mattress moves straight to its base layer (further below), the eLuxury 12-inch Hybrid introduces a 2nd layer of 1-inch thick BiOH gel latex. Latex has become a consumer-favorite because of it’s natural breathability and ability to continuously expel warm air as you sleep. When used in conjunction with a gel memory foam and open, naturally aerated coil-spring construction, you have a hybrid mattress that is ideal for those who love a cooler sleep surface. And because all foams used in the construction of eLuxury’s mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified – meaning no phthalates, CFCs, formaldehyde or heavy metals are used in their production – you have a bed that is low in VOCs and perfect for those with allergies, asthma or related sensitivities.

Third Layer

The benefit to a hybrid mattress is that in addition to having memory foam and latex providing superior support to heavier joints such as shoulders, hips and knees, we enjoy the springier bounce of coil spring construction. When those coil springs are individually pocketed micro-coils, you’ve just taken this feature to the next level. Why? Because these smaller coils are more highly responsive and work independent of one another to precisely support your body’s contours. With eLuxury’s 12-inch thick Hybrid – regardless of whether you sleep on your stomach, side or back – you’ll never lose support. Even recessed areas such as your lower lumbar region will enjoy the benefit of individually pocketed micro-coils that can instantly adapt to fill in gaps, provide support and ensure neutral spinal alignment. The end result is a more restful night and a morning free from the pain often experienced when pressure points are stressed.

Base Layer

The eLuxury’s 10-inch Gel Memory Foam mattress rests on a 7-inch thick slab of 1.8-pound high-density polyfoam. With their 12-inch Hybrid mattress, this same density foam is used in a slightly thicker, 7 ½-inch version. The benefit to using a high-density product as your base layer is that it can deliver the firm, uniform support you need across the entire mattress surface. Whether supporting hybrid, latex or memory foam upper layers, having a solid surface from which to build is critical for delivering the pressure point relief you expect from your mattress. The base layer is also important to the longevity of your new bed because it absorbs shock and motion from daily wear and tear. Both are causes of early mattress deterioration and can mean you’re replacing your bed sooner than expected.

Added Benefits

Cool and Comfortable

By using Gel Memory Foam and naturally breathable latex in their top layers, eLuxury delivers a mattress with exceptional air movement capabilities. Both latex and gel foams are known for their ability to continually expel warm air for a cooler sleep experience regardless of how long you lay in one position. And with the individually pocketed micro coils featured in the hybrid design, you have another layer that promotes better air circulation simply because of their open design.

Made Without Harmful Chemicals

eLuxury Gel Memory Foam and Hybrid mattresses use only CertiPUR-US® Certified foams in their construction. For the consumer, this mean’s you’re sleeping in a bed where the foams have been manufactured without harmful chemicals or metals including lead, mercury or formaldehyde. Because it is free of ozone-depleting materials, there will be minimal off-gassing – though eLuxury does suggest letting the mattress sit for 24 hours after opening in order for it to achieve its full shape and allow any odor to dissipate. As a result, you have an ideal option for allergy sufferers as well as those who are environmentally conscious.

Hybrid Construction

With the use of individually-pocketed micro-coils in their 12-inch thick Hybrid mattress, eLuxury has produced a bed that is not only highly responsive and quick to adapt to your body’s contours each time you move, but that is better able to isolate motion. With less motion transfer, you won’t be wakened by kids and pets who jump in during the night, or partners that toss and turn. This hybrid is an affordable, ideal option for light sleepers.

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