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For those who spend their nights counting sheep on a traditional coil-spring mattress, the thought of making the leap to memory foam can be a bit daunting. While you already know you’re not getting the rest you need, you worry about price, durability, comfort and you’ve heard all those rumors about sinkage and how memory foam can become uncomfortably warm. But what if you could enjoy the best of both worlds? The familiar bounce of coil-spring construction with the curve-hugging support of memory foam. And at a price you can actually afford.

Enter, the hybrid mattress. Constructed using both soft, contouring memory foam with a layer of individually pocketed coil-springs, these mattresses are the perfect choice for those who need a little more support than the standard spring-style mattress can deliver.

Now if you’re not sure where to begin when shopping for this style of mattress, we’re here to help. Memory Foam Doctor has reviewed many of the top hybrid mattress brands on the market. We’ve sorted them by comfort level, support features, manufacturing techniques and even sleep style to provide you with a comprehensive comparison of the benefits each brings to the table.

For the value-conscious shopper who seeks quality construction without the hefty price-tag, the Allswell is a great option. Their affordably-priced hybrid mattress comes in a medium-firm model (ideal for stomach– and side-sleepers) as well as the firmer, luxe version (perfect for back-sleepers and heavier individuals). Of note, lightweights may find the luxe hybrid doesn’t provide sufficient “give” to be a comfortable choice.

If you’re concerned about the impact memory foams can have on the environment, rest assured that Allswell uses CertiPUR-US certified foam. What this means is that it’s made without ozone-depleting chemicals. There are no heavy metals, formaldehyde or phthalates used in its fabrication. And, in addition to being friendlier to the environment, these foams don’t generate a lot of smelly off-gassing when first set up. That’s because the products used are low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). So, your indoor air-quality will never be compromised.

The Allswell brand offers free standard shipping within the continental United States, a 10-year warranty, financing, and a 100-night trial period so you can test-run your mattress to ensure it meets your sleep and support needs. And for a modest fee, you can even arrange to have them set up your new mattress and haul away the old one.



Launched in 2018, the Allswell hybrid mattress is one of the more recent entries into the burgeoning bed-in-a-box industry. While the brand is owned by retail giant Walmart, you won’t find these mattresses marketed in their stores or on their website. The US-manufactured Allswell hybrid mattress is promoted and sold exclusively through an independent, self-titled site. And, because they’ve chosen to by-pass the pricey bricks-and-mortar retail format, they’re able to offer a quality product at a fraction of the price you would pay at most mattress and furniture stores. In fact, this hybrid mattress is priced well below similar options offered by their on-line competitors. With a belief that “a luxurious sleep experience shouldn’t come at a luxury price”, Allswell is striving to cover as many bases as possible – appealing to coil-spring devotees, memory foam fans and the price-conscious consumer.

What Makes Allswell a Great Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses are an ideal option for those who want to experience the contouring support of memory foam without losing the bounciness of a spring-coil mattress. While you may be concerned about the too-warm sleep experience often associated with memory foam, the Allswell mattress has eliminated this with the use of their CoolFlow TM technology. This open-cell foam optimizes air flow for a mattress that continually expels warm air as you sleep. The result is a bed that delivers the pressure point relief you expect from memory foam, but with a cooler, more comfortable feel. And by introducing individually pocketed coils that can move independent of one another, you have a layer of springy comfort that works in tandem with the memory foam to instantly adjust and cradle your body, regardless of how often you move in the night.



Constructed from a polyester / spandex blend, the pliability of this mattress cover is ideal for use with memory foam because it can stretch and shape to your curves – meaning it works with the foam, not against it. Padding the underside of the cover is a 1-inch thick layer of quilted cotton (basic hybrid) or a 1-inch thick layer of memory foam (luxe hybrid). Of note, because this is not your standard memory foam mattress, the cover is fixed and cannot be removed for machine-washing or airing. If this is a concern, you may want to consider purchasing a separate mattress pad or cover.

Top Layer

With Allswell’s basic 10-inch hybrid mattress you will enjoy a 2-inch thick top layer of curve-hugging memory foam. The 12-inch Luxe model features a 1-inch thick layer of Airflow polyfoam. Airflow polyfoam offers the same soft, contouring support of memory foam, however its advanced technology means it is also more breathable, for enhanced air movement and a cooler sleep.

Second Layer

Here’s where the difference between the basic and the luxe model really kicks in. Featured only on the Allswell luxe hybrid is a second layer of 2.5-inch thick polyfoam. Positioned between the soft upper comfort layer and the individually pocketed coil springs, this extra layer of firmer foam delivers extra support across the entire sleep surface while also working as a buffer or transition between the two layers.

Bottom Layer

The beauty to coil-spring construction is not just it’s ability to naturally promote air movement through its open twists and turns of premium gauge wires, but it’s ability to “push back” versus let you sink in. This is what makes a hybrid mattress easier to move around on – including turning over in the night, getting in and out of bed or engaging in intimate activities. Both Allswell hybrid models are constructed with coils that are individually pocketed and can therefore move independent of one another. This means they can respond more accurately to your body’s contours for continual support and optimal spinal alignment. With the basic hybrid, this layer is 7-inches thick and with the luxe hybrid, 7.5-inches thick. The use of a thinner, more responsive gauge of wire across the body of the mattress makes for rapid adjustment to your body’s contours as you move in the night. Around the perimeter of this hybrid mattress, a thicker gauge wire delivers superior edge support that won’t break down over time.

Additional Benefits

Cool Benefits

The top layer of the Allswell luxe hybrid mattress uses CoolFlow TM Foam. This open-cell foam promotes continuous air flow so warmer air is expelled rather than collected and your sleep surface remains cool and comfortable. Pocketed coil construction further helps with air movement and mattress breathability.

Great Edge Support

Allswell uses firmer foams and a heavier gauge of wire around the perimeter of their hybrid mattresses for a strong, sturdy edge support. For the consumer, this means you can sit on the side of your bed without the sensation of sinking in and you can get in and out of bed without the struggle that can often accompany standard memory foam. You’ll also enjoy a longer-wearing mattress that won’t sag or break down as quickly.

Environmentally Sound

The foams used in Allswell mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified. This means they do not contain any ozone-depleting agents, do not use harmful chemicals, heavy metals or phthalates. And they are low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) for zero to minimal off-gassing when they are initially set up, and no impact to your home’s air quality.

Motion Isolation

Both Allswell designs feature a soft, padded cover that helps to absorb and minimize the transfer of motion. Something to be sure to look for if you’re a light sleeper or live with kids, pets or partners that flip and flop throughout the night. With the basic hybrid, this padding is comprised of quilted cotton while the luxe hybrid features memory foam padding.

Affordable Quality

If watching your budget is top of mind, you’ll want a quality product that is not only affordably priced but is built to last. Both Allswell hybrid mattresses are designed to stand the test of time. Coil-spring construction that delivers support where you need it, and at a price that is not only lower (for a similar product) than most retail stores, but lower than many of the popular on-line memory foam brands.

Try Before You Buy

Allswell offers not only a 10-year warranty, financing, and free standard delivery within the continental United States, but a 100-night trial period. Take your new mattress for a test run and if it doesn’t meet your sleep needs, you can return it for a full refund. The brand also offers set-up and removal of your old mattress for an additional fee.


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