Simmons Beautyrest Crib Mattress Review

simmons beautyrest crib mattress review

Simmons Beautyrest Crib Mattress

Last Updated: May 2017

The Simmons Beautyrest crib mattress is designed to keep your little one cool and comfortable from infancy through early childhood. It offers a dual-purpose design with many thoughtful features to keep your child safe and snuggled all through the night.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Materials: This innerspring mattress features 231 individually-pocketed coils in a natural cotton casing. It also simmons beautyrest crib mattress reviewprovides a medical-grade waterproof barrier.
  • Size: The Simmons Beautyrest crib mattress fits standard cribs and toddler beds. It is 27.5 inches wide by 52 inches long.
  • Thickness: This product is six inches deep, so standard crib and toddler sheets will fit nicely.
  • Comfort: Simmons designed this product with two comfort levels. The first side offers improved firmness for babies while the reverse side offers more softness for toddlers and small children.
  • Durability: Simmons is known for creating high-quality, durable products. Features like reinforced border edges and Innofoam corners add to this mattress’s longevity.
  • Safety: The product meets or exceeds federal standards for flammability. It is the right size to fit tightly in cribs with no gaps, and it meets firmness guidelines for newborns and infants, as well.

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Pros and Cons


  • The dual-purpose mattress will grow along with your child from newborn to toddler and even beyond.
  • It is GREENGUARD GOLD and CertiPUR-US certified, so it provides a safe sleeping environment.
  • The superior woven fabric is waterproof and comfortable at the same time.
  • The mattress is hypoallergenic, so it is safe for your baby’s delicate immune system.


  • It is an innerspring mattress, so it may sag with time.
  • This mattress is heavier than many of its counterparts at nearly 19.5 pounds, which may make it difficult to remove from the crib.
  • The outer lining is not removable or washable; buyers will need to purchase a washable mattress cover separately.

Consumer Thoughts

Simmons Beautyrest Crib Mattress Review
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Firmness
  • Smell


Overall, we feel that a dual-sided memory foam mattress is the better option. However, if you prefer traditional innerspring mattresses, this one is a great choice.


Many consumers rated this product very highly, stating that it was an excellent value. They remarked that the crib mattress fit nicely into the frames of cribs and toddler beds alike, and that they felt very safe putting their infants to bed at night. Despite this, several purchasers noted an issue where the side seams began to give way after only a few weeks of use, and while some inevitably returned the mattress and chose a different product, those who chose a replacement Simmons Beautyrest crib mattress stated that the customer service was excellent and that their replacements arrived very quickly.

While a few buyers said that they could not tell a difference between the infant and toddler sides of the mattress in terms of firmness, others claimed that the difference was immediately noticeable. The sides of the mattress are labeled to help you decide which side to use for your child, but a few parents noted that these labels were missing when their mattresses arrived. What’s more, a few parents had some concerns about the “bounce” of the mattress due to the innerspring coils. However, because the coils are individually pocketed, the product has less bounce than other products of the same type.

Odor was another concern among product reviewers; while some said that there was absolutely no odor as soon as they removed the wrap from the product, others noted that an odor continued to linger months after the first use. Finally, buyers noted that while the mattress claims to have a waterproof barrier, they did not feel that this barrier was enough. Many recommended utilizing a mattress cover for better protection.

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Our Verdict

The Simmons Beautyrest crib mattress is one of the pricier mattresses for infants, but it is dual-purpose and has the potential to last until your child moves on to a twin or full-sized bed. There are some quality concerns for the price, however, as many consumers noted that the product’s outer casing either came apart at the seams or simply tore off when removing the fitted sheet. These concerns seem to be limited, and of those who experienced the problem, many exchanged their mattress for the same product with no further issues.

Overall, we feel that a dual-sided memory foam mattress is the better option. However, if you prefer traditional innerspring mattresses, this one is a great choice. We appreciate the GREENGUARD GOLD and CertiPUR-US certifications for safety, and overall, this mattress is likely to last much longer than a less expensive innerspring model.

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