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A couple of years ago I decided it was time to invest in a memory foam mattress. Initially, I was considering buying a memory foam mattress topper. However, my spring mattress had seen better days, and I knew that an investment in a memory foam mattress would be worthwhile in the long run. So, then begun my research!

Lack of information, clarity, recommendations and information made my life tough.

Once I began trying to find the best memory foam mattress I began to realize that the amount of information online was very limited, there was a lack of opinions and reasons as to why to purchase one mattress over another. This was when I decided that there must be an easier way, answer: MemoryFoamDoctor.com.

The idea was that with all the user reviews and expert reviews from actual consumers over the years, across each product should mean that people who are in the market for the best memory foam products should have a good insight into understanding which is the best. I began by consolidating all these consumer reviews and then add my opinion once testing each of the products.

MemoryFoamDoctor now consolidates and reviews hundreds of memory foam products based on over 53,000 consumer reviews. On the site, you will find the most recommended products for memory foam mattresses, memory foam mattress toppers and memory foam pillows.

We don’t have sponsors and receive no compensation from any individual company.

It is important for us to state that MemoryFoamDoctor does not receive any compensation from businesses that we discuss or recommend on this website. We want to help consumers find the right product that suits their needs and that is our purpose.

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We plan on becoming the number one resource for Memory Foam related products.

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