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If it’s been 10 or more years since you last purchased a new mattress, it’s probably time to stop pretending that lumpy sleep surface that’s been keeping you awake each night still has a few good years left in it. It’s also likely that in those 10 or 15 years your lifestyle has changed. Add kids, pets, a few extra pounds, some tired joints and sore muscles and no doubt you’re realizing that it makes sense to invest in a top-quality memory foam mattress that can not only address your current lifestyle needs, but meet your sleep requirements for many years to come.

Now like many of us, you’re probably much more aware of the environment than you were a decade ago, right? And you may be feeling conflicted; your tired joints and sore back want the curve-hugging support that only memory foam can deliver but you worry about the potential environmental hazards that manufacturing this type of foam can create. Rest assured (literally!) there are a number of eco-friendly memory foam products on the market that are produced in an environmentally sensitive manner and won’t bring smelly, harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into your home and sleep space. Let us help you find them!

Memory Foam Doctor has reviewed many of the top memory foam mattress brands, styles and fabrications on the market, sorted them by comfort level, support features, manufacturing techniques and even sleep style to provide you with a comprehensive comparison of the benefits each brings to the table.

If the environment is top of mind for you these days, we’d like to suggest the Amerisleep mattress. This brand is quick to promote that they surpass the Clean Air Act’s standards and that they even generate “cleaner air than what they start with”. All of that makes this brand an ideal fit for those seeking a superior grade memory foam mattress that actually respects the environment as much as you do.

Further, the Amerisleep brand offers free standard shipping on all mattress purchases, a 20-year warranty and a 100-night trial period during which time you can return or exchange your mattress at no expense to you. However, while competitor brands can deliver within a few days of placing your on-line order, this one takes longer – allow between two and three weeks before you’ll be breaking open the box and setting up your new bed.


Amerisleep designs, assembles and manufactures their entire line of mattresses in the United States using only eco-friendly products. By opting to market on-line versus through retail stores, they can pass some pretty impressive savings on to you, the consumer. Now because they are committed to delivering an environmentally sound product, they use plant-based materials that help eliminate the off-gassing of chemicals during the initial period of use. And by introducing Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF), a manufacturing technique that is known to be one of the eco-friendliest production processes in the world, they have managed to achieve one of the smallest carbon footprints per mattress of any memory foam bed manufacturer.

Why is Amerisleep a Great Eco-Friendly Mattress?

The Amerisleep brand uses proprietary technology when constructing their memory foam mattresses including not only their VPF process but materials that are primarily plant- versus petroleum-based. This patented production process is called Amerisleep Bio-Pur™ and in addition to producing one of the most breathable beds on the market, its ultra low in VOCs. What this means for you as the consumer is that you wont’ experience the off-gassing that can be common in standard memory foam mattresses during the initial set up stage and first few days of use. The elimination of VOCs makes this mattress an ideal option for those who suffer from allergies, asthma or who want to support brands that manufacture in an environmentally sound manner.



All Amerisleep mattress covers are made with cutting-edge Celliant fabric and this is where the brand out-paces many in their competitive set. While cotton-based Celliant is both highly breathable for continual air movement and a cooler sleep as well as moisture-wicking, it’s also known to improve blood circulation. The FDA has actually determined that the thermo-reactive Celliant fiber helps in the oxygenation and flow of blood by converting your body’s heat as you sleep, into infrared energy that penetrates muscles and tissue for improved pain relief, regulation of body temperature and a deeper, more restful night.

Top Layer

The Amerisleep memory foam mattress comes in 5 firmness levels that make it ideal for any body type or sleep style. The top layer of their firmest model – the 10-inch AS1 – features the brand’s proprietary 4 PCF Bio-Pur memory foam that uses open cell technology for continual air movement and a cooler, more comfortable sleep. With their AS2, AS3 and AS4 models, this same highly responsive material is used to ensure you receive the contour hugging support one expects with memory foam, but the softer the mattress, the greater the thickness of this layer.

If you’re leaning towards a thick, plush style of mattress, the 14-inch Amerisleep A5 is sure to fit the bill. Unlike the brand’s other models, it features an additional layer of 3 PCF memory foam that’s been tucked in between the first and second layers for a softer, cushier feel. This third layer also acts as an additional buffer between the firmer support base and the lush sleep surface.

Second Layer

The middle or support core layer of the Amerisleep uses their proprietary Surface Modification Technology to effectively transition between the firm, responsive support of the base and the soft, cushioning feel of the top layer. Made with a 1.65 PCF poly foam, this firmer support layer works with upper layer to provide uniform support across the entire sleep surface and alleviate pressure on key joints for a more comfortable sleep and pain-free morning.

Bottom Layer

The 7-inch 1.8 PCF bottom layer or core support foam base uses the brand’s patented Bio-Core foam to deliver solid, consistent support to the mattress. But there’s more because not only does it help the upper comfort layers deliver the contouring comfort you expect from memory foam but it also acts as a buffer to absorb much of the shock and daily wear and tear your mattress experiences throughout its lifetime. The end result is a more durable, longer wearing bed that doesn’t break down over time.

Additional Benefits

Cool Benefits

Amerisleep’s proprietary Bio-Pur plant-based memory foam uses open-cell construction for a more breathable mattress that allows air to move throughout the entire bed on a continuous basis. This means you will never experience that body heat build-up that can result in an uncomfortable, too-warm sleep.

Sink-Free Comfort

With every Amerisleep model, you’ll enjoy the curve-hugging comfort of memory foam without that sensation common with memory foam, of sinking too deeply into the mattress. Super responsive materials ensure the surface rapidly returns to its original state for easier mobility such as getting into and out of bed or simply turning over in the night.

Motion Isolation

An ideal benefit for those who are light sleepers or live with kids, pets and partners that flip or flop in the night, is the mattress’ ability to isolate motion. Advanced cell structure in the memory foam means it can absorb movement and prevent it from transferring to other areas of the bed – which results in a more restful sleep for you.

No Off-Gassing

For those who suffer with allergies, Amerisleep’s Variable Pressure Foaming production process means their memory foam is produced without harmful chemicals and blowing agents for a low-in-VOCs mattress. VPF is considered to be the world’s cleanest way to produce foam.

Enhanced Circulation

By using cotton-based Celliant fabric in their mattress covers, Amerisleep memory foam mattresses deliver not only a highly breathable sleep surface, but one that the FDA has determined can help with blood oxygenation, flow and ultimately improve circulation.


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