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So, you’ve decided its time to trade in the old coil-spring mattress for something new, you’ve just devoted countless hours to researching the options and finally decided that memory foam is  definitely the way to go. You know all about its curve-hugging benefits, that its dust-mite resistant and super hygienic and that its also relatively low maintenance compared to the heavier spring-coil construction mattresses that need to be flipped on a regular basis to ensure they wear more evenly over time.

But before you kick old faithful to the curb and clear space in your bedroom for this cushy new purchase, you may want to take a closer look at latex. Not only does latex deliver a cooler, more comfortable sleep experience but latex is known for being springier than standard memory foams which means you won’t experience that sensation of sinking in too deeply or having to struggle just to move around on your mattress.

Now because Memory Foam Doctor knows there are hundreds of different manufacturers, designs and materials on the market, we’ve saved you a few steps by already reviewing many of the top mattress brands in North America. We’ve sorted them by comfort level, support and even their suitability to various body types / sleep styles to provide you with a comprehensive comparison of the benefits each brings to the table.

When it comes to latex, we feel that both Casper and GhostBed are worth exploring because both deliver a top-quality mattress that uses a superior grade synthetic latex in the upper layers to produce a bouncier, cooler, soft-to-the-touch sleep surface. Intrigued? Let’s take a more in-depth look at these two popular mattress brands.



Just over 5 years ago, the Casper team envisioned producing a mattress that could provide consumers of all shapes, sizes and sleep styles with the “highest level of comfort and support”. Within a few years, this dream became reality and the US-based memory foam mattress brand now enjoys sales of over $100 million which easily moves them toward the head of the pack in the competitive bed-in-a-box industry.

Why is Casper a Great Latex Mattress?

The Casper mattress uses 4 different types of foam including a toper layer of Dunlop latex foam which is known for delivering a springier feel to the mattress top. Why is this important? Because it allows you to climb in and out of bed with ease as well as turn over in the night without having to struggle against a thick, memory foam surface. The ability to move easily on this mattress surface makes it ideal for those who suffer from joint, back and muscle pain and because the latex is aerated, it continually “breathes” warm air out of the mattress interior for an always comfortable sleep.



Casper uses 100% polyester in the manufacture of their mattress covers for a product that is machine-washable and easy to maintain, is highly porous to allow warm air to continually escape through its surface and is soft enough to work with the latex topper in providing non-stop curving hugging comfort regardless of how often you flip and flop.

Top Layer

The surface of the Casper mattress features a 1.5-inch layer Dunlop latex foam that is not only ultra-plush and supple but it delivers a much cooler sleep due to its enhanced aeration. And because latex is renowned for being springier than memory foam, it provides a little extra bounce to the mattress, making it easier to move around on – an important feature for those who suffer from sore joints and muscles.

Second Layer

By distributing body weight across the entire mattress surface, the pressure placed on key joints such as shoulders, hips and knees is alleviated for a more comfortable sleep and pain-free morning. To achieve this, Casper has used a high-density, 4.0 PCF memory foam in this second layer. This open-cell foam works together with the upper layer of latex to deliver both optimal lower lumbar support, neutral spinal alignment and enhanced air flow for a cooler, more restful sleep experience.

Third Layer

Casper uses their proprietary Hyper-Targeted zoned support made with a high resiliency foam and a polymer network to provide superior ergonomic support – specifically in the lower lumbar region. By adding this extra layer of reinforcement, Casper ensures your back and spine continually revert to a neutral position regardless of how often you move around in the night.

Bottom Layer

Through the use of a high-density poly foam base, Casper ensures their mattress delivers continual, uniform support to the upper comfort layers of their mattress. Additionally, a super firm base layer also helps to offset the daily wear-and-tear that can cause a bed to break down over time and you end up with a longer-life investment in great sleep.

Additional Benefits

Easy Care

The 100% polyester Casper mattress cover features a zippered side for easy removal and because it’s machine-washable, you can sleep on a fresh, clean, hygienic surface every night.

Lower Lumbar Support

By introducing Hyper-Targeted zoned support your back and spine are able to continually revert to a neutral position regardless of how frequently you turn in the night.

Zero Off-Gassing

Casper’s memory foam mattresses are made without harmful, ozone-depleting chemicals which means zero off-gassing and a great option for allergy sufferers.

Trial Period / Warranty

Casper mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty and a 100-night trial period that includes a 100% money back guarantee. If for whatever reason, the mattress fails to meet your expectations, Casper will pick it up at no cost to you.



Manufactured by bed-in-a-box industry veteran Nature’s Sleep, GhostBed was developed using the feedback from thousands of their customers as to what it would take to craft the “perfect” memory foam mattress. Their original design is manufactured in the United States and features an 11-inch high mattress with aerated, superior grade synthetic latex while their 13-inch GhostBed Luxe model includes super-cooling technology for those who tend to sleep hot. For this comparison, we’ll look at the basic GhostBed.

Why is GhostBed a Great Latex Mattress?

By using premium-grade synthetic latex foam that features thousands of tiny holes across the entire sleep surface, GhostBed has produced a mattress that is highly breathable and continually moves warm air out of the mattress regardless of how hot you sleep. This same latex also delivers a smooth, soft-to-the-touch surface and a little extra bounce that makes it easier to move around on and ideal for those who love the feel of coil-spring construction.



Because of its soft, stretchy polyester / viscose blend fabrication, the GhostBed cover is super pliable and able to flex as you move. This means it works in concert with the upper comfort level of latex to adapt to your every move and hug your curves for continual support. Best of all, it’s zippered for easy cleaning so your sleep surface can always be clean, fresh and hygienic.

The Top Layer

The upper comfort layer of the GhostBed features 1.5-inches of aerated premium-grade synthetic latex foam for a smooth, soft surface that delivers a springier feel than that of a standard memory foam mattress. In addition to this delivering enhanced mobility, it’s also super breathable and able to continually expel warm air for a cooler, more comfortable sleep experience.

The Second Layer

GhostBed uses a 2-inch layer of their proprietary, large-cell Gel Memory Foam in this second tier for an added level of cooling comfort. These larger cells support enhanced air movement throughout this layer which in turn allows the mattress to disperse body heat across the entire sleep surface rather than allow it to build-up beneath you.

The Base Layer

A super-durable 7.5-inch support layer provides uniform support to the upper comfort levels for ideal spinal alignment and buffeting of the overall bed. This high-density feature effectively absorbs the shock and movement that comes with daily use and that can ultimately break down a mattress.

Added Benefits

Superior Support

By using a superior grade latex foam GhostBed delivers a softer, cooler sleep surface that offers ideal support and pressure relief. So, body weight is effectively dispersed across the entire sleep surface and heavier joints gently cradled.

A Little More Bounce

GhostBed uses a superior grade synthetic latex foam which creates a springier mattress surface for ease of movement. An important feature for those who suffer from back, joint and muscle pain.

Minimal Off-Gassing

GhostBed is CertiPUR-US certified which means it contains no ozone depleters, heavy metals, formaldehyde or phthalates. With minimal to zero off-gassing its an ideal option for allergy sufferers.

Trial Period / Warranty

GhostBed ships free within the continental United States and comes with a 20-year warranty. They offer a 101-night trial period and if after 30 days you decide it’s not the best bed you’ve ever slept on, give them a call and they’ll come pick it up and provide a full refund.

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