Nuvanna Mattress Review

Your mattress is what gives you a reasonable expectation of rest and relaxation after a long day. If you live an active lifestyle, you know all too well how important proper rejuvenation is. Nuvanna understands this, and that’s why their founder made it his mission to create a product that caters to the on-the-go consumer.

Using three layer construction, the Nuvanna mattress focuses on offering superior cooling, comfort, and support. A total of ten inches thick, it relies on the use of visco and polyurethane foams to achieve in this goal. During the course of our complete Nuvanna mattress review, we’ll talk about how Nuvanna was able to keep their sleep surface cool despite the fact that there is visco-elastic foam in 40 percent of the mattress.

Since you’re reading this, you’re probably at least considering the purchase of this product, and it’s my goal to help you learn the ins and outs to determine if this will prove to be the right choice. I tried it out for myself, and I checked out various aspects that can be easy to overlook, especially when shopping online. Keep reading this thorough buyer’s guide to decide whether or not this is the sleep product for you.

The Good

  • Good motion transfer reduction
  • Transfers heat very well
  • Offers good support
  • Materials are Certi-Pur US certified
  • 100 night sleep trial
  • 10 year warranty
  • Tencel fibers in cover are eco-friendly and keep you sleeping cool and dry
  • Aesthetically-appealing
  • Company goes above and beyond to help you achieve restful sleep long after you make your purchase

The Bad

  • Lacking in edge support on the corner, which is common in products made entirely of foam
  • Only one firmness option
  • Not much bounce

Our Score

To most effectively and efficiently point you in the right direction, we always cover ten important elements. In the case of our Nuvanna mattress review, our score is as follows:

  • Comfort
    • 9.0
  • Pain Relief
    • 9.0
  • Edge Support
    • 8.0
  • Durability
    • 9.5
  • Offgassing
    • 9.0
  • Back Sleeping
    • 8.5
  • Side Sleeping
    • 9.0
  • Stomach

Breakdown of the Layers

We’ll get into the various features and benefits of this mattress here in a second. However, first it’s necessary to get an idea of what’s inside you so can understand how everything works. This is a hybrid mattress, meaning Nuvanna uses different material types. Thes materials work together to provide multiple components for the sleeper to take advantage of. They are divided into two general areas, which we’ll look at now.

Comfort Area

The comfort area of the Nuvanna mattress is comprised of the first two layers, each with a thickness of two inches. The first two inches is made of change gel material. Known as the hybrid adjustable ascension layer, it works to keep you sleeping cool using gel beads.

The next layer is made up of memory foam that’s specially-designed to focus on motion isolation properties. This makes it less noticeable when someone moves around next to you. There are a total of 11 layers that comprise the total 12 inch mattress. Here’s how it’s divied up:

Support Zone

The layer construction of the Nuvanna mattress ends off with the Progressive Support System. It’s made of high performance open cell polyfoam. Considering the aggressive use of memory foam in the comfort zone, this six inch layer works to prevent excessive sinkage that can make it difficult to move around and get in and out of bed. Its progressive nature helps provide the right degree of support depending on the area of the body and how much weight it carries.

The Cover

The Nuvanna cover is unique in that it uses TENCEL™ technology. These fibers provide both moisture wicking and breathable properties that help you sleep cool and dry. Since they are botanically-derived and eco-friendly, you can rest assured you’ve done your part in preserving the environment in your mattress purchase.

The material is very smooth and feels great to the touch. It also features a very interesting pattern that’s pleasing to the eye. As nice as it looks and feels, however, you should use a sheet and mattress protector to increase durability.

Hands-On Nuvanna Mattress Review

With the ability to buy your mattress online, you’re able to cut out a number of the nuisances of mattress shopping out of the equation. You don’t have to drive from one retailer to another, and you can examine far more products in a single day than you could shopping in a physical storefront.

While the benefits are vast, there’s one looming difference to consider: you don’t get to lie down on the mattress before you make your purchase. That’s why we’re here to help you get a better idea of what to expect. In fact, you can often learn more about a mattress through a complete mattress review than you would speaking with a salesman. The aspects we’ll cover include:

  •        Firmness
  •        Comfort
  •        Pain Relief & Support
  •        Heat Retention (how cool the mattress remains)
  •        Off Gassing (the odor the mattress emits)
  •        Intimacy


The Nuvanna mattress comes in one firmness setting, and this is medium. This is accommodating for the majority of shoppers and typically works well with all three primary sleeping positions. If you find you switch positions often through the night, this could be a good fit. It’s also accommodating for sleep partners with varied needs and preferences… think of it as a “happy medium”.

Firmness can be gauged using the indentation load deflection. This measurement can range anywhere between 10 and 50. Ten would be pretty plush, and 50 would be very firm. The ILDs at the various layers of the Nuvanna mattress are as follows:

  • Ascension Layer- 10
  • Memory Foam- 20
  • Base- 35

Medium isn’t for everyone. You may want to seek something firmer, for example, if you carry a lot of weight and/or you like to sleep on your stomach. On the other hand, a plush mattress is typically more accommodating for people who don’t weigh much or who sleep primarily on their sides.

On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being very plush and 10 being very firm, I’d rate Nuvanna a 5.


The two layers of memory foam go a long way in providing adequate contour. I love the way the material hugged my natural curves, and I think you’ll enjoy the feeling of the cover. Since the cover is very thin, it allows you to more effectively interact with the layers.

Support and Pain Relief

Memory foam often struggles when it comes to proper support. Traditional visco foam was notorious for excessive sinkage that would make the sleeper feel stuck. However, the base of the Nuvanna mattress does a good job at countering this issue. Overall, there is an excellent balance of support and comfort, and this combination did an excellent job at providing pressure point relief. This was especially noticeable when lying on my side.

Heat Retention

In effort to keep you sleeping cool, Nuvanna takes a two primary measures, and they’re both located near the surface of the mattress where it’s needed the most. First off, the TENCEL™ fibers in the cover are specially-designed to keep you cool. Furthermore, the gel beads found in the top layer work to absorb heat and keep your sleep surface from retaining heat as this is a common problem with visco foam.

In my experience, I was able to sleep cool and comfortable on my Nuvanna mattress. I enjoy cuddling up in my blanket as I fall asleep, but that can be impossible in a mattress that retains heat. If you sleep hot, this could be a great choice as Nuvanna’s heat transfer considerations worked out very well.


Offgassing is a very common occurrence, and we experience it with many new products we buy. That “new car” smell is partially due to it. You even notice it when you buy a new pair of sneakers. It’s the result of the release of volatile organic compounds that are a byproduct of the manufacturing process.

Since Nuvanna is a bed-in-a-box, offgassing is a little more intense than you’d experience with a product that had time to air out in a showroom. If offgassing is something that really bothers you, you may want to give the mattress a couple days to air out before you use it. I was able to use mine the first night. Using a sheet helps minimize detection.


Intimacy requires movement, and movement is typically facilitated by a bit of bounce. Due to the construction of the Nuvanna mattress, there isn’t a whole lot of bounce. With its use of two layers of visco foam and specific efforts to reduce motion transfer, bounce did take the backseat. Because of this, intimacy on the Nuvanna mattress takes a little extra work.

Sleeping Position Ratings

Some people have a very specific position that lulls them to sleep. Others like to switch things up. Regardless of your preference, there are three main positions you may find yourself in. If you do have a preference, it’s smart to get an idea of how a particular mattress will accommodate it.

I am a combination sleeper, so I was able to assess this mattress pretty evenly during the course of my testing. Following are the results

  • Side
    • If you’re a side sleeper, your hip and shoulder can press into the layers causing pain. The two layers of visco foam in the first two layers do a good job at providing the contour necessary to accommodate this. Medium to soft firmness is typically preferable for side sleepers, making Nuvanna a good candidate.
      • Side Sleeping Score: 9.0 / 10
  • Back
    • The support base of the Nuvanna mattress did a good job offering me ample support. Since sleeping on your back means your mattress needs to encourage proper spinal alignment, it’s imperative that you find a product capable of stepping up to the plate.
      • Back Sleeping Score: 8.5 / 10
  • Stomach
    • Medium to firm is usually the way to go if sleep on your stomach. This is because too much sinkage can cause your face to sink into the mattress, thus making it difficult to breathe. The average person should find Nuvanna comfortable for stomach sleeping. If you carry a lot of weight, however, you may fare better with a firmer product.
      • Stomach Sleeping Score: 8.0 / 10

Bed Frame Compatibility

When your Nuvanna mattress arrives, you need to be ready with an appropriate base. Their website does say you can use their mattress on the bare floor. However, I never recommend this since it can decrease durability and encourage the development of mold. However, Nuvanna is very versatile in bed frame compatibility. Just some of the options you can explore include:

  • Adjustable base
  • Slatted bed frame
  • Box springs
  • Firm platform base

Warranty, Guarantee, and Trial Period

  •        Warranty: 10 years
  •        Guarantee: Full money back guarantee for any manufacturing-related issues.
  •        Trial Period: 100 night trial period. If you aren’t satisfied during this time, you can call Nuvanna for a full refund. They will arrange for your mattress to be donated to a charitable organization.


The Nuvanna mattress did an excellent job at staying cool. They excelled in engineering a product that makes multiple considerations in the first two inches of the mattress to transfer heat. I think you’ll also appreciate the great contour, especially if you suffer with painful pressure points. This mattress has no weight limit, and I think it can be a great option to consider for sleep partners who have varied preferences considering its medium firmness.

Is the Nuvanna Mattress Right for You?

There are a number of components to be considered as you make your final purchasing decision. Does Nuvanna make the cut for your list of top contenders? We think it should if:

  • You sleep hot
  • You have a sleep partner
  • You suffer with painful pressure points
  • You rely on motion isolating properties
  • You appreciate a company that continues to meet your needs even after you’ve made your purchase

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