Tomorrow Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress

The Tomorrow memory foam mattress is part of a complete “sleep system” recently developed by industry veteran, Serta-Simmons and launched in 2017. Unlike the mega-brand’s other lines, the Tomorrow mattress was designed to deliver a more complete sleep experience that covers all the touch points needed to achieve a truly great night’s rest; from mattress to bedding, pillows and even an optional electronic component called a Sleeptracker that records your sleep patterns and reports them to your iPhone, Android or Amazon’s Alexa (think Fitbit plus lots more).

Unlike its parent company, the Tomorrow memory foam mattress is marketed exclusively on-line at their self-titled website, rather than through bricks-and-mortar retailers as is typically the sales model for Serta-Simmons products. And while this latest entry into the bed-in-a-box on-line market is available in both hybrid (memory foam / coil spring construction) and standard memory foam formats, for the purpose of this review we’re going to look at their hybrid model.

Now right off the mark the Tomorrow hybrid keeps it simple by offering just two firmness levels (medium-firm and medium-soft) as opposed to the three, four (or more) that many manufacturers in their competitive set promote. The brand feels these two ranges cover most sleep styles and body types, with the medium-firm model being most popular with consumers. A note to those who love a cozy mattress but have a heavier build, back pain or like to sleep on their stomach, the Tomorrow’s firm mattress tends to be a bit more pliable than most other brands so don’t even consider their medium-soft mattress – you just won’t get the push-back you need from a support and comfort standpoint.

When it comes to construction, the 10-inch thick Tomorrow mattress uses a combined 5 layers of CertiPUR certified premium grade memory foam and individually pocketed coils for a bed that delivers a cool, comfortable and responsive sleep experience. By incorporating spring-coils into their mattress construction, the team at Tomorrow have produced a bed that delivers a little extra bounce for easier mobility – meaning you’ll never have to struggle with a too-soft surface when getting in/out of bed or when turning over in the night.

And because the Tomorrow crew are convinced you’re going to fall in love with their new mattress they offer not only an unheard of 365-night trial period with free delivery and a money-back guarantee but they’ve also thrown in free pick-up if at any time during the trial period, you’re not happy with your purchase. In addition to their 10-year warranty that comes with all Serta-Simmons products, they also offer the option (for a nominal fee) of setting up your new bed and even removing your old mattress.



The Tomorrow cover is super-soft, with ribbed construction and woven sides that allow for ideal air movement. An important feature of this cover is its ability to stretch and work in concert with the memory foam in your mattress. What this means for you is that every time you turn over or change positions, then feel your sleep surface instantly adapt to your contours to deliver continual support, your mattress cover will be adapting just as quickly.

The Top Layer

The all-important top layer of this eco-friendly memory foam mattress is comprised of a 1-inch thick tier of the brand’s proprietary Black Diamond Phase Change Material. This super cool-to-the-touch, open-cell foam is renowned for its ability to breathe and capacity to draw heat away from the body, regulate mattress temperature and ensure an always comfortable sleep surface.

The Second Layer

Below the top surface lies a ½ inch layer of Airy Comfort Memory Foam which, true to its name, delivers exceptional air movement for a continually cooler sleep. Using gel swirl technology to ensure uniform distribution of tiny gel micro-beads across the entire sleep surface, this memory foam works in concert with the top layer to ensure warm air is drawn away from your body and you enjoy a comfortable, restful sleep. It also delivers large on those important memory foam benefits such as the ability to shape to your body’s contours, evenly distribute weight across the mattress top and provide continual relief at key pressure points.

The Third Layer

As if including pocketed coil springs weren’t enough, the Tomorrow hybrid mattress has added a third, comfort layer comprised of 1.5-inches of Dynamic Response Memory Foam (also known as “Bounce” foam). This extra layer provides not only an extra layer of cushioning but also acts as a buffer or transition between the upper comfort layers and the coil springs.

The Fourth Layer

This 6-inch layer is where the magic happens with the Tomorrow mattress. 800 individually pocketed 14-gauge steel coils are wrapped in insulative Celestra non-woven fabric for added stability. The benefit to individual pocketing is that it allows each coil to move independent of one another and what this means for you is that motion is isolated, not transferred. So those with partners, kids or pets that flip and flop in the night, will never lose out on a good night’s sleep again.

The Base Layer

This memory foam mattress features a durable, high-density base foam that not only delivers uniform support to the upper comfort and coil-spring layers but absorbs the shock and movement that can take place during regular wear and tear, for a more durable, long-lasting mattress.

Added Benefits

Minimal Off-Gassing

Tomorrow mattress foams are made without harsh chemicals and are CertiPUR certified. So, no heavy metals, formaldehyde or phthalates to cause your new memory foam mattress to off-gas when you first set it up. This makes it an ideal option for allergy sufferers and those who are environmentally conscious.

Cooler Sleep

Tomorrow memory foam mattresses use patented temperature regulating technology to ensure their foams provide ideal air movement and continually draw warmer air away from the body. Gel swirl technology in their second layer ensures a uniform disbursal of cooling gel beads for a cooler, more comfortable night regardless of your body type and sleep style.

Proprietary Sleeptracker Technology

The Tomorrow mattress offers an optional Sleeptracker monitor that analyzes sleep cycles, breathing rate, heart rate and how often you move in the night, delivering a series of tips and recommendations personalized to your sleep style. The tracker is placed under your mattress so is completely non-invasive, works with any foundation or bed frame, never needs charging and even offers built-in alarms to rouse you at the optimal time in your sleep cycle.

No Motion Transfer

The beauty of the individually pocketed coils in the Tomorrow hybrid mattress is that they move independently to one another so that if your partner tosses and turns in the night, that motion is never transferred to your side of the bed. This makes it ideal for light sleepers, shift workers and those with kids or pets that love to jump into bed in the middle of the night.

Reinforced Edge Support

It may not be something you’ve considered important, but edge support on a memory foam mattress not only keeps the sides of your new bed more rigid and easier to get in and out of, but it prevents the mattress from sagging and breaking down over time. With the Tomorrow mattress, a unique system of 6-inch by 3-inch ventilated outer-edge rails made from rigid poly foam not only helps your mattress maintain its shape, but it also allows warmer air to escape through the sides for a cooler sleep

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